Op-Ed: Seeking power of values over power of money

In an election-eve address on Nov. 3, 1980, presidential candidate Ronald Reagan restated an exceptionally durable ideal that encapsulates the concept of American exceptionalism: “I believe that Americans in 1980 are every bit as committed to that vision of a shining ‘city on a hill,’ as were those long ago [Pilgrim] settlers.” Whether you agreed with […]

‘Riverdale’ Chapter 17: Of course it comes back to Betty

If this show has one more episode with this little Cheryl, a boycott may be in order. Okay, that’s a lie; much like Betty’s ponytail, “Riverdale” is iconic, not to mention the fact that this reviewer would be out of a job. But this blatant disrespect for the greatest character of our generation is completely unacceptable. […]

The Weekly Chirp: Massachusetts birding

Time to shift gears this week and give you all some details about the birding world that surrounds Tufts. And yes, it is indeed known as “birding,” not “birdwatching” —  a common misconception made by non-birders, or as birders call them, “the less fortunate.” The state of Massachusetts, despite its small size, is home to […]

Thoughts from Places: Pearson Hall

With another midterm season approaching its end (because somehow a semester has multiple middles here at Tufts), I found myself in a familiar place: room 106 of Pearson Hall. Flipping through the pages of a 10-question chemistry exam and realizing that questions nine and 10 are, in that moment, incomprehensible, is quickly becoming a regular occurrence. […]

Bird’s Eye View: A twisted fantasy

I have five fantasy football teams, a Premier League fantasy soccer team and a fantasy basketball team. The draws of fantasy sports are stronger than ever with the rise of daily fantasy sports and a proliferation of websites for the traditional season-long version. Even though fantasy sports take place behind a computer screen, and far from a […]

Looking out: Scottish distinction

I spent the past weekend in Edinburgh, the capital of Scotland, on a Tufts-organized trip. After a month in England, I felt a marked difference in Scotland. It felt more European, though it is farther from the continent than England. Scotland has its own language, Scottish Gaelic, though only a small minority speak it. Yet […]