Financial burdens, lack of diversity influence two students’ decision to leave Tufts

For some students, it was just a year ago. For others, it was two, three or even more. Deciding where to go for college is often a stressful part of the high school experience, but a final decision on where to attend may not be so final. For former Tufts students Yash Gurditta and Michael Lee, when the […]

Events on the Hill: Week of Oct. 30

MONDAY “Senate Town Hall: Discussion on Capen Village & Spatial Inequity” Details: Tufts Community Union (TCU) Senate will hold a town hall to discuss two large upcoming projects: the construction plans for Capen Village, which will consist of 15 wood-framed houses for upperclassmen, and the Brown and Blueprint Initiative, which is a series of listening […]

Op-Ed: Tufts history

During tours and first-year orientations, we all get the standard introduction to Tufts history and lore, mostly regarding the legend of Jumbo and his tail. If the guide is feeling particularly deep, they will recite Charles Tufts’ famous line when asked what he would do with “that bleak hill over in Medford.” “I will put […]

Bird’s Eye View: Blurred lines, gender discrimination in international sport

Many of us at Tufts are caught up in the various assignments, clubs and sports that allow us an opportunity to demonstrate our natural talents. Often, we take for granted the opportunity to participate in activities in which we excel. South African sprinter Caster Semenya does not have that luxury. Semenya is a talented middle-distance runner and […]

Looking out: 1938 — the end of history

How you are taught history shapes the way you understand the world. For most of us, there is no choice about how we learn history, like what is included in our curriculum and what is not. In Turkey, history education is part of the national curriculum that everyone needs to study, and there are very few modifications […]

Thoughts from places: Carmichael Hall

Content warning: This column mentions blood/needles and HIV. The line that usually wraps around Carmichael Dining Center in the early hours of the afternoon was missing. Last Friday, the particular buzz of a hungry crowd of college students, freshly starved by lecture halls and study sessions, was absent. Instead, there was an eerie silence, save […]