The best of both worlds: balancing engineering and athletics at Tufts

At Tufts, there’s something for everyone. Anyone can find a passion to pursue and a community of like-minded people to share that passion with. A big piece of that, of course, is within the athletics department, where teams share familial bonds as they compete against the best that the NESCAC and Div. III have to […]

Brand New blends old and new at the Wang Theatre

After a much-too-long eight year waiting period since the release of Brand New’s fourth album “Daisy” (2009), the Long Island band didn’t let its fans wait any longer than necessary to listen to their new project. On a Tuesday in the middle of August, the band announced the preorder for the vinyl of their unnamed fifth […]

P.S. …: Is “Me Too” enough?

I, like most women I imagine, could say “me too” about several instances. These range from being groped by strangers, to street harassment, to assault, to discovering that a high school teacher and mentor was a sexual predator once I had graduated. And therein lies an important message — sexual violence isn’t a single event […]

Davis Square residents brainstorm for neighborhood renovation plan

Davis Square neighborhood residents met with representatives of the Somerville Planning Department on Oct. 19 to brainstorm actions that will be explored and addressed in a forthcoming Davis Square Neighborhood Plan. The meeting, held at the Community Baptist Church in the Davis Square area, was one of a series of gatherings being held by the Planning Division in order to determine what neighborhood residents are most concerned about […]

Admissions updates Spanish page to be more accessible for families

The Office of Undergraduate Admissions has begun to update its Spanish language page this fall to make it more accessible for Spanish-speaking students and their families, according to Farley Flores, a student who works in admissions. Jessica Acosta-Chavez, a former Tufts admissions officer, led the creation of the original Spanish language page, according to a statement written collectively by Office […]

Men’s and women’s crew have impressive showings at annual Head of the Charles

The Tufts men’s and women’s crew teams competed at the 53rd Head of the Charles Regatta on Sunday. The Jumbos competed in the men’s collegiate four, eight and the Director’s Challenge, and in the women’s collegiate eight and the Director’s Challenge. Though neither team placed in the top 10 in any of the races, it […]

Veteran pop star Pink fights through her ‘Beautiful Trauma’ on seventh LP

Among the surfeit of 2000s pop stars, there are the Britney Spears and Christina Aguileras of the music industry: teenage stars who managed to sustain their careers and fame into adulthood, only to see it peter out in the later years. But then, there’s Pink. Born in 1979, Alecia Beth Moore took the moniker Pink, […]

Op-Ed: The state of ‘Swipe it Forward’ and combating food insecurity at Tufts

When you’re a first-year, it’s easy to swipe into the dining hall in between classes, where the main source of conflict over food is whether to go to Carm or Dewick. You’re likely to see a few classmates you recognize, and there is little hesitation to suggest meeting in the dining halls to hang out […]

Tufts’ sailing teams persevere in spite of difficult wind conditions

It was a busy weekend for both of Tufts’ sailing teams. The Jumbos were deployed at six different races, including the Fall Foliage, the NEISA Southern Seven, the Mrs. Hurst Bowl, the Sherman Hoyt Trophy, the Oberg Trophy and the Central Series. It was a mostly successful weekend for the team. Coach Ken Legler was […]

Swipe It Forward program continues after pilot semester

Swipe It Forward, a program that collects meal swipe donations for students in need, continues after its pilot semester last spring. According to Tufts Community Union (TCU) Senate Historian Jacqueline Chen, the program collects donations of meal swipes from students on meal plans as well as from departments at Tufts and distributes them to students in need. […]