Protesters raise allegations about national, Tufts Greek organizations at Parents Weekend

During Parents and Family Weekend, a group of students arranged an anti-Greek life protest in front of Sophia Gordon Hall and the Aidekman Arts Center. The protesters held three signs with the following text: “1. DID YOU KNOW??? Kappa Alpha Theta ~ A Phi ~ DTD ~ Chi O ~ Theta Chi ~ AOII ~ […]

Op-ed: Let’s make a statement in Virginia!

Nov. 8, 2016 was a moment of reckoning for me, as it must have been for many others. I watched, slack-jawed and dumbfounded, as Donald Trump was elected to the highest office in American politics. Instantly, the world seemed to be a much darker and less promising place than the one I had known only […]

Unpacking the part-time faculty presence at Tufts

On Oct. 11, the part-time faculty bargaining committee and the School of Arts and Sciences reached a tentative five-year agreement for a new contract. The contract has not yet been ratified, according to Dean of the School of Arts and Sciences James Glaser, but nonetheless represents an important milestone in the administration’s relationship with the faculty bargaining […]

Pop art reframed at MFA’s Takashi Murakami exhibition

In the primarily Western-dominated discourse of contemporary art, it is easy to attribute the “superflat” world of Japanese artist Takashi Murakami largely to the legacies of postmodern masters such as Andy Warhol and Roy Lichtenstein. Admittedly, Murakami’s glossy and mass-produced works much resemble American pop art stylistically. But it would be illogical to assume that […]

Students lead hurricane relief efforts, Tisch College organizes in support

Tufts undergraduates have responded in force to Hurricane Maria’s devastation of Puerto Rico, launching fundraisers and staging supply drives with the aim of helping residents of the struggling U.S. territory. At the same time, the Jonathan M. Tisch College of Civic Life is working to support those efforts through the Jumbo Hurricane Relief Response group, a new student-administrative […]

‘The Snowman’ is a film caught in a blizzard

Fans of Scandi-noir have come to expect a certain general formula in the years since the genre exploded onto the scene: bleak, snowy landscapes, beleaguered alcoholic heroes and villains of particular depravity and brutality lurking beneath the surface of the seemingly liberal, socially cohesive societies of their Nordic settings. It may seem that the genre […]

Women’s Center initiates POC Circles for students of all gender identities

The Tufts Women’s Center has initiated biweekly POC Circles, which are dedicated to “community care, solidarity and intentional coalition building” for people of color, according to their first Facebook event.  The first POC Circle was hosted on Sept. 14 at the Women’s Center and will meet every other Thursday. The Circles, created by seniors Made Bacchus and Natasha Karunaratne and graduate assistant Koko […]

Gritty play pushes field hockey past Wellesley, Williams

After a tough 1–0 loss to Bates on Oct. 14, the No. 6 Tufts field hockey team bounced back with two promising wins over Wellesley and No. 7 Williams on Thursday and Saturday, respectively. Visiting Wellesley’s home turf for the first time since a 1–0 loss two years ago, the team put together a dominant 4–0 victory. “Bates was […]

Is This Thing On? Music on the brain

With the advent of the internet, we are living a huge portion of our lives online. As a result, our personal information is being tracked and recorded everywhere, all the time. If you subscribe to a music streaming service, this is especially true. Now, you might choose not to publish what you’re playing to your friends […]