Thoughts From Places: Distler Hall

Last Wednesday, for the first time since arriving at Tufts, I made my way over to Distler Hall to see an actual performance and not an orientation program. Despite my overall lack of understanding of the Spanish language, I was talked into going to Argentinean multi-instrumentalist and singer Clara Cantore’s concert. The leaflets highlighted dramatic […]

The Weekly Chirp: To go or not to go

With the onset of fall arrives an unavoidable question: what am I going to do during winter break? The extended time at home can be daunting for some, especially for those of us living in New England, who are especially restricted in our ability to leave the house due to terrible weather. A trip down to […]

Events on the Hill: Week of Oct. 23

MONDAY “Startup Nation Tech Fair and Pitch Competition” Details: TAMID Group at Tufts is hosting an innovation trade show and student pitch competition. For the first hour and a half of the event, students will network with eight startup companies, and during the second half of the event, student entrepreneurs will pitch their ideas, with the […]

Looking Out: The discontents of universal basic income

Over the past few years, as the facts of the automation revolution dawns on many involved in creating it, there has been increased talk of a universal basic income (UBI) coming out of Silicon Valley. This new discourse on UBI has been a favorite topic of many tech billionaires from Elon Musk to Mark Zuckerberg. Although […]

Bird’s Eye View: Our values have changed, have sports?

Athletics have transformed since their inception. In Greece, the first Olympic Games was held in 760 B.C. and consisted of a simple footrace. Later the traditional field events of discus, javelin and jumping were added along with an early predecessor of wrestling called pankration. Among the Greek city-states, the most militant of all, Sparta, was […]