Tufts Secrets sparks debates about online anonymity

From ASKfm to Yik Yak, anonymous sharing platforms seem to inevitably descend into baiting, bullying and bitterness. Nevertheless, they continue to be reimagined and reintroduced, aiming to create positive spaces for unfiltered exchanges. “Tufts Secrets,” a Facebook page created this fall by an incoming graduate student, proves little different. The page’s goal is to make […]

Postgame Press: A cute new tradition and social media

With all of the serious topics I have written about in the past few weeks, I think it is finally time to write about one of the biggest, cutest, nicest smile-bringers in sports: waving to the University of Iowa Children’s Hospital. Every game at the end of the first quarter, the University of Iowa fans […]

In defense of the butterfly effect: Old world, new eyes

It’s amazing to think of the information that is available to us at a moment’s notice. This sentence is uttered often, usually calling forth some proof resting on the rapid pace of technological expansion during our lives. The new human magic trick of rapid data is fascinating; we can play games with it all across […]

Murphy’s Law: Make trade, not tweets: Easing North Korean tensions with commerce

If you haven’t noticed, North Korea has been a bit of an issue lately, as Kim Jong Un and the knuckle dragger that is our president exchange words. North Korea’s continued militaristic growth stems in part from fledgling proto-capitalism and entrepreneurship, encouraged by American influences. The West encouraged North Koreans to grow businesses, and the […]

Majors and Minors: Punta to Candu from Honduras with Yanelle

This is Yanelle Cruz Bonilla, a junior from Tegucigalpa, Honduras. She’s thinking of studying sociology and political science. She loves singing and musical theater, and she has worked backstage. Through selecting songs as a part of her artistic expression, dance is another way Yanelle engages with music. Haruka (H): What is pop music in Honduras […]