Huntington Theatre’s ‘Merrily We Roll Along’ is a hit

“How did you get to be here? What was the moment?”   These are the questions Stephen Sondheim’s title song begs its audience to ponder in the Huntington Theatre Company’s production of “Merrily We Roll Along” (1981). The show tells the story of Frank, a Broadway composer-turned-film producer at the height of his career — and the culmination […]

Students respond to proposed solution for NEC transportation issues

The shuttle stop connecting Tufts to the New England Conservatory of Music (NEC) and the School of the Museum of Fine Arts (SMFA) will be reinstated after area construction is completed, according to a Oct. 10 email sent to students in the Tufts-NEC combined-degree program. When the NEC stop is reinstated, buses will only stop when there […]

In defense of the butterfly effect: Warm fall, slow change

To state the unmistakeable, the seasons are changing. The sun starts to fade more quickly each day, but the sky retains its stark Massachusetts blue. It’s good to let the breeze in; you open the window before you leave. Later you come back and the room is fresh and slightly chilly, the scent of wet […]

Op-Ed: Divestment is a spectrum, and so is Israel/Palestine

Truthfully, I think describing something as a ‘spectrum’ is horribly overdone. It is very much a catch-all term that serves more as an appeal to the subject’s complexity than anything substantive. But I’ll try my best to justify my use of the word because, for once, I think it is very much applicable to this […]

MFA screens 20th annual Manhattan Short Film Festival

Content Warning: This article mentions sexual violence. Sept. 28 marked the 20th anniversary of the Manhattan Short Film Festival, the only film festival screened simultaneously across four continents. This year, the festival was held in over 300 venues across the United States, Europe, Australia, New Zealand, Canada, and South and Central America. The Museum of Fine […]

Q&A: Newly hired associate dean discusses past military experiences, future hopes for Tisch College

Today, with almost thirty years of service under her belt, Diane Ryan has a wide variety of experiences in places such as Germany, Iraq and West Point. Her first non-military related venture is at Tufts, where she was recently appointed as the Tisch College associate dean for programs and administration. Always looking for ways to go outside her boundaries and still make […]

Murphy’s Law: Save the polar bears? Trade the Prius for a V8

In a well intentioned effort to mitigate climate change, people buy hybrids and electric cars to limit their carbon footprint and stop melting the homes of our fluffy friends up north. The trouble is, these cars do not do this. The car that cemented itself as the darling of eco-conscious celebrities and Jill Stein voters […]

Postgame Press: Kneeling is a right, whether right or wrong

Two weeks ago I wrote some background information about Trump’s comments and national anthem controversy. Today, after recent developments, I find it important to share my own opinions on the matter. Kneeling is freedom of speech, pure and simple. There is no law that states that people must stand for the national anthem, which is why […]

Mens Soccer Bounces Back with 4-0 Homecoming Victory

A week after their first NESCAC loss, the Tufts Men’s Soccer team bounced back with an emphatic 4-0 victory over Middlebury Homecoming afternoon. Tufts dominated from the start and had the game well in hand by the halftime whistle. Tufts held the advantage in shots 15 to 3 and the advantage in corner kicks 7 […]