Passport program provides first-year mentorship, lifelong friendships

For international students arriving at Tufts, the first year of college can often entail more challenges than just making friends and trying to find their classrooms. Many international students, especially those on financial aid who may not have had the resources to travel to the United States before, must learn to integrate into an entirely different […]

Majors and Minors: Dean, ‘Pilseung Korea’ with Andy

This is Andy Cheigh, a first-year from Seoul, South Korea. Andy plans to major in computer science, and he took part in his high school choir for three years as a tenor. His favorite food is noodles! Andy shared what today’s music scene in Korea looks like. Haruka (H): What’s pop music in Korea like? What […]

Men’s soccer atop NESCAC after three game road trip

The Tufts men’s soccer team recently underwent its most demanding stretch of the season yet, playing on the road against three top NESCAC teams in six days. The No. 12 Jumbos (7–1–1 overall, 4–1–1 NESCAC) demonstrated how they became the reigning national champions, as they gave up just one goal in recording two wins and one loss. On […]

In Defense of the Butterfly Effect: Coming to

Hall, Rosbash and Young. This is a time where media flashes, urgent and aggressive, on your screen, in your pocket, while you eat, while you’re trying to study. Names claim your attention and seem to disappear in a moment, replaced by the next ones in the boom and bust of what feels like increasingly urgent […]

Health Service expands resources for student smokers to quit

Tufts Health Service will expand its cessation and education resources for students seeking to quit smoking as soon as this semester, according to Ian Wong, director of the Department of Health Promotion and Prevention. Wong said the resources available to students will include stress reduction workshops, smoking cessation classes and nicotine replacement therapies. This represents a step in the student-run […]

Postgame Press: Are helmets the solution or problem regarding concussions?

Researchers at Boston University recently found a biomarker that can help diagnose chronic traumatic encephalopathy (CTE) in living patients. CTE results from regular blows in the head and concussions in particular. Up until now, CTE was only diagnosable and examinable postmortem. According to an accompanying press release, “the ability to diagnose CTE in the living would allow not […]

Murphy’s Law: We need less empathy

In our current political climate, many issues caused by identity politics stem from empathy. On this topic, Yale Psychology Professor Paul Bloom explains the dangers of empathetic decision-making in “Against Empathy: The Case for Rational Compassion” (2016). Firstly, empathy is identifying with the emotional state of another person; being in someone else’s shoes. It is not […]

What to watch: New fall TV lineup

It’s the most wonderful time of the year. No, not Starbucks holiday cups season, but fall television premiere season. This year, the broadcast networks are trying to stay in the game with well-known names and more diverse casts. Here are a few of the new shows that will be popping up on the TV guide […]

Men’s tennis issues statement wins at weekend tournaments

The Tufts men’s tennis team kicked off its fall season at the Middlebury Invitational (Sept. 23–24) and the Intercollegiate Tennis Association (ITA) Regional Championships (Sept. 29–30). Over the course of both weekends, the Jumbos competed against NESCAC rivals and Div. III teams from across the region. Although the regular season starts midway through March, the team competes in […]