Tufts Disorientation Guide content, removal spark backlash from Tufts community

The Tufts Disorientation Guide was removed from the official Tufts University Class of 2020 and 2021 Facebook pages on Sept. 3 in response to complaints received by the administration about some of the content of the guide, according to Patrick Collins, Tufts University executive director of public relations. According to a letter sent to the Tufts community by University […]

Far-flung homes: Two students speak to diasporic identity, borderless sense of home

This is the third part of a three-part series centering the experiences of students who are the only ones from their home countries to be at Tufts. This series has previously discussed how students identified with physical spaces both inside and outside of their home countries. In this final installment, the Daily features the stories of Olive and Faith, […]

Men’s Crew: Tufts opens 2017 fall season with impressive individual performances

Competing in the very first race of its fall campaign, the Tufts men’s crew team traveled to Putney, Vt. for the Green Mountain Head Regatta, an elite sculling event. Facing off against mostly non-collegiate rowers in an unusual racing format where rowers each race in their own boat, the Jumbos focused primarily on improving their personal technique rather than coming home […]

The neon haze of ‘Beach Rats’

Roughly midway through writer-director Eliza Hittman’s multilayered Brooklyn drama “Beach Rats” (2017), protagonist Frankie (Harris Dickinson) shaves off most of his floppy blond hair. The new look he takes on and what it says about his character is rather difficult to read. Does it suggest that he has hardened? Is it a stripping down of […]

The Equalizer: Shattering the glass ceiling in US soccer

FC Cincinnati’s fans have a right to feel like their team is spinning its wheels in the mud. Although it averages over 20,000 fans a game and consistently reaches the United Soccer League (USL) playoffs, it can never compete with the top professional teams in the U.S. What’s the incentive to invest if there’s a glass […]

Editorial: TCU should create more initiatives like Textbook Exchange

Amidst talk of tuition hikes and increased housing costs, it’s refreshing to finally see a headline about saving students money. The TCU Senate’s Textbook Exchange, which took place from Sept. 4–12 saved students an estimated $30,000 in total. The event will hopefully be the first of many events geared toward saving students money. Philip Miller, […]

Failing Big: Retreat yourself

This past weekend I had the opportunity to go on not one but two retreats for Tufts clubs: TCU Senate and Tufts University Social Collective (TUSC). The Senate retreat was a 24-hour, overnight trip to Nature’s Classroom, while the TUSC retreat was a shorter trip to Dave & Buster’s — starting just two hours after I returned […]

Police briefs: Week of 10/3

Step 3: Profit After falling for a sublet scam, a student reported the incident to the Tufts University Police Department (TUPD) at 9:15 p.m. on Sept. 28. The student said they had received an initial payment with an excess amount of money from the scammer in the form of a fake check. They were asked […]

Lt. Gen. Luckey discusses potential threats, preparedness in future

Lt. Gen. Charles D. Luckey addressed more than 50 people on national security as part of the International Relations (IR) Program Speaker Series on Sept. 2 in Alumnae Lounge. He spoke about the security challenges facing the United States and the world today, focusing on the importance of military readiness and risk management to handle future threats. […]

Women’s Soccer: Tufts wins in overtime battle at Amherst to remain unbeaten in the NESCAC

Tufts sealed the deal this past weekend, finally clinching a 2–1 overtime win at Amherst after three of the team’s first eight games resulted in double-overtime draws. With the win, Tufts now stands at 4–1–3 overall and 3–0–2 in NESCAC, placing the team third in the conference at the season’s halfway point. Williams holds the top […]