Five places on campus for Instagram-worthy portraits

Whether it’s for your LinkedIn profile to land a job or your Tinder profile to score a match, you always need some versatile portraits on hand. For those looking for cool backgrounds for their headshots, here is a list of five places that will provide an interesting look and color to boost your chance of getting […]

New coach Joe Raho brings new perspective to Tufts squash

When Tufts squash returns to the courts this winter season, the Jumbos will compete with a new coach guiding the way. Bringing passion, ingenuity and a readily apparent sense of excitement to the sport, Joe Raho is eager to both join in on and help generate a brand-new era of men’s and women’s squash at Tufts. After former coach […]

Editorial: Bridging Differences fails to bridge the real gaps in the Tufts community

This fall, the Office of the Provost launched the Bridging Differences Initiative, aimed to promote constructive dialogue within the Tufts community on a variety of difficult issues. “Many members of our community are effective at engaging across lines of difference, but we believe that all of us can do better,” University President Anthony Monaco and […]

Failing Big: Trust me, I’m a trustee (rep.)

Last week’s column ended on a high note, with hope for the future. As someone with nothing left to lose, putting myself out there can only set me up for success. My Year of Why Not is just beginning, and it’s already a rollercoaster. After not being elected to Tufts Community Union (TCU) Senate last […]

Is This Thing On? Dialing into mental health with music

Hey everyone! It’s only week four of the semester, but you may already be starting to feel overwhelmed — I know I am. In this vein, today’s topic is a little more solemn from a lesser known rapper, Logic. When I think of Logic, I associate him with the genre of hip hop that boys in […]

Department of Community Health launches Alumni Mentorship Program

The Department of Community Health is launching the Community Health Alumni Mentorship Program (CHAMP) this semester, a new initiative that will match current undergraduate juniors and seniors with community health alumni, according to Department of Community Health Chair Jennifer Allen and Department Administrator Yolanta Kovalko. Students will be matched with alumni mentors in their respective fields for two to six hours per […]

Bored & Confused: Where is Mike Pence?

Since Trump has become president, he has bombarded the American people with tweet after tweet, threatening everything from an end to health care access to nuclear war. Through all this, we have seen the rise and fall of Sean Spicer and our very own Anthony Scaramucci. We have seen the public humiliation of Senator Mitch […]

The Equalizer: Is MLS anticompetitive?

Major League Soccer (MLS) commissioner Don Garber in 2014 announced that he wanted the league “to become one of the top leagues in the world by 2022.” It was an ambitious goal in 2014, and in 2017, the MLS still appears far off the mark. Ironically, the very structure of the MLS conflicts with this short term goal. […]

Applejam deals with repercussions of curfew infraction

 Applejam Productions, a student group that works to bring live musical acts to campus, has had to deal with increased administrative oversight since their March 31 Mykki Blanco concert ran over time, according to current President of Applejam Katyla Malison.  The Tufts University Police Department  (TUPD) entered the Crane Room, the show’s venue, after the concert extended past its midnight curfew. […]