Column: All the cool things I will never discover

I have never been particularly gifted at math and science. In fourth grade, I only got an S for satisfactory (instead of very good or excellent) on my multiplication tables and definitely couldn’t do the “Mad Minute” math worksheets as quickly as other kids could. Heck though, I was in all the advanced learning programs […]

Editorial: The decision on Greek life and why transparency matters

As the semester comes to an end, the future of one important institution on campus still remains uncertain: Greek life. One potential reason the issue has not been resolved is a lack of pressure on the people responsible for making the decision, perhaps because many students do not know who has the power to determine Greek life’s future. One […]

E for Everyone: The Stanley Parable

Why should you play “The Stanley Parable” (2013)? Because it makes you sincerely, wholeheartedly want to play through the same short series of absurd events over and over until you fully realize the awesome power of office tedium, game in-jokes and devastatingly sarcastic fourth wall breaking. What started out as a “Half-Life 2” (2014) mod was remade at full-scale in the Source engine by a very small […]

National Endowment for the Arts among programs Trump proposes to cut

With daily breaking news and general commentary on President Donald Trump’s positions, plans and actions, one proposal threatens to slip under the radar: the intent to abolish the National Endowment for the Arts (NEA) in a new federal budget plan. The plan would also end funding for the National Endowment for the Humanities and the Corporation for Public […]

Tufts cruises past Trinity, Hamilton in pair of 9-0 wins

Tufts moved to 13-4 with a pair of victories over Trinity and Hamilton. These came on the back of a loss to Bowdoin and a victory over Amherst. With the Trinity result, the program records the most regular-season wins since the 2010-11 season, in which it recorded 13. “I’m not really looking at wins and losses right […]

Tufts finishes regular season in at Wildcat Invitational

On Saturday and Sunday, the men’s golf team competed in their last tournament of the spring season in the Wildcat Spring Invitational at Cranston Country Club in Cranston, R.I. The team played well over the course of the two days, and it was a proper send-off for senior tri-captain, Owen Elliott. On Saturday, the Jumbos […]

Vinny’s Variety Pack: Rookie fantasy studs

The draft is TONIGHT. Holy sh*t am I excited. There are a lot of implications that come from the NFL draft: position battles, division superiority, Super Bowl frontrunners, etc. The most fun ones though, in my opinion, are the fantasy football implications. Every year, there are a handful of fantasy studs that emerge from the rookie […]

Activism at Tufts: As campus activism intensifies, tensions between student groups and administrators grow

Editor’s Notes: This series was reported by The Tufts Daily’s Investigative Team. Reena Karasin and Cathy Perloff contributed reporting. Content warning: This article discusses sexual assault. Part I Tufts made national headlines in May 2015 when students from Tufts Labor Coalition (TLC) staged a 5-day hunger strike to protest the university’s plans to lay off […]

Tufts appoints new IGL director

Abi Williams has been named the new director of the Institute for Global Leadership (IGL), beginning on July 1. He was also appointed as Professor of the Practice of International Politics at The Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy. Williams‘ term will follow Founding Director Sherman Teichman’s three decades as IGL head, which ended with his retirement in May […]

Benya Kraus elected TCU President

Junior Benya Kraus was elected Tufts Community Union (TCU) President for the next academic year, following online elections yesterday. Kraus, currently the Diversity and Community Affairs Officer in TCU Senate, ran unopposed in the election. Kraus won 70.96 percent of the 699 votes cast, with 19.31 percent for write-in candidates and 8.58 percent abstaining, according to TCU […]