Mind the Gap: Defining whiteness

I recently wrote a column on being mixed race, which received one comment: “If you look white, you ARE white. White can also be multiracial. Stop the whining.” The commenter then linked to an article that argues that people of color perpetuate the one drop rule. I was glad to see this comment, which has since been removed from […]

Tinytouchtales’ second game ‘Card Thief’ is a success with niche appeal  

German independent game developer Tinytouchtales had quite a hit with its first game “Card Crawl,” which released on mobile devices in 2015. “Card Crawl” received critical acclaim and managed to carve out a niche audience — no mean feat in a mobile game market almost totally dominated by titanic incumbents with bottomless marketing budgets. In a 2015 interview […]

Tufts falls to Wesleyan, drops below .500 in NESCAC play

Playing in just one game over the last week, an at-home conference match-up against No. 17 Wesleyan, No. 20 Tufts (9-5, 4-5 conference) fell in a lopsided affair with a score of 15-8. The Jumbos now sit at just seventh in the NESCAC less than a week before the conference tournament begins. Tufts began the […]

New SEC cafe to replace Brown and Brew

Brown and Brew Coffee House will close at the end of the business day on Aug. 11 after more than 20 years of operation, according to Director of Dining and Business Services Patti Klos. The decision to close Brown and Brew was made when it became apparent that a new cafe will be included in the Science and Engineering […]

Rubén Stern to leave role as director of Latino Center

Latino Center Director Rubén Salinas Stern will retire this August after working at Tufts for 24 years, according to an email sent to the Latinx community on April 6. Stern explained that he made the decision to retire for several personal reasons and after realizing that it was hard to remain energized in such a bustling environment and atypical […]

Tufts wins big at Brown Cup

Tufts traveled to Worcester, Mass. over the weekend to participate in the Bernie Brown Cup. There, the Jumbos faced off against boats from Clark, Worcester Polytechnic Institute (WPI), William Smith and Skidmore. For the past two years, the Jumbos’ first varsity eight took first place at the Brown Cup, and this year was no different. Tufts’ first boat […]

Dear Jumbo: Choose pain over numbness

One thing I’m grateful for in life is that many people have shared with me their more intimate, vulnerable sides. Take an earlier personal experience: I grew up with neither many haves nor wants. When I went to schools with wealthier friends, I was surprised at how many put-together people are a mess inside. From […]

Op-Ed: What’s your waste size?

As I sit here writing this, I am wearing a patterned dress by Ecote that I purchased two years ago from Urban Outfitters for about $60. I do not know where the raw materials of the dress were produced. I do know that the fabric was sewn together and transformed from a piece of cloth […]