Food for Thought: Whole Foods or Whole Paycheck?

It takes but one trip to a health food store to see that hipster-veganism is just the capitalist machine with a man-nub. Organic food trends have shepherded countless clueless shoppers into expensive grocery stores using buzzwords like “superfood” and “probiotic.” Even the best of us have fallen victim to drinking the Kombucha Kool-Aid. After an […]

New registration date for ExCollege brings department into the mainstream

In the past, students have had to wait several weeks after picking their regular classes to register for ExCollege classes. But this semester, the ExCollege debuted a new registration date for its fall 2017 classes. For the first time, ExCollege classes are available for registration on SIS at the same time as general course registration. According to Howard […]

Out of Left Field: All-MLB weird name team

On April 15, Jackie Robinson Day across MLB, the Oakland A’s started players named Khris Davis, Ryon Healy and Jaff Decker. Weird, right? Inspired by this odd string of names and the Chicago White Sox’s all-Garcia (Willy, Leury and Avisaíl) outfield on April 14, I’ve compiled an All-MLB weird name starting nine. No offense to […]

Activism at Tufts Part I: As campus activism intensifies, tensions between student groups and administrators grow

Editors notes: This series was reported by The Tufts Daily’s Investigative Team. Reena Karasin and Cathy Perloff contributed reporting. This is the first segment of a four-part series exploring the past, present and future of activism at Tufts. Tufts made national headlines in May 2015 when students from Tufts Labor Coalition (TLC) staged a five-day […]

Jump right into explosive aerial combat with ‘Cloud Pirates’

A lot of people are suckers for games about pirates — not so much the plundering and looting part but the part where you sail ships around and put broadsides into enemy vessels. Naval gameplay should give the player the feeling of excitement they would get if they were fighting in the climactic battle of “Pirates of […]

Op-ed: Transferring to Amsterdam

When I’ve told people over the past couple of weeks that I’m transferring from Tufts to a small university in Amsterdam, their words have been encouraging, but I see the skepticism reflected in their faces. I know people wonder how I can leave such a well-established university for a school of just over 900 people […]