‘Chicago’ cast prepares to dazzle the audience

“Chicago” may take place in the 1920s, but many of the issues the musical deals with are still relevant today. Torn Ticket II’s production of the show, which runs March 30 through April 1 in Cohen Auditorium, will explore sexism, xenophobia and corrupt media — all issues that have been making headlines recently. Chloe Hyman, a senior majoring in […]

SMFA to change financial aid, tuition policies

The School of the Museum of Fine Arts (SMFA) at Tufts will increase tuition and replace merit scholarships with need-based financial aid for incoming students, according to university officials at both institutions. The shifts will effectively streamline the recently-acquired art school’s financial policies, making them closer to Tufts’ policies as a whole. The SMFA, which had […]

E for Everyone: Portal

Why should you play “Portal” (2007)? Because it is arguably the most intuitively-designed game ever made. Also because it’s hilarious, absurdly fun, outstandingly satisfying and has a very touching origin story if you’re interested. But there are so many facets of this wonderful little four-hour game that exploded expectations everywhere that I’m only going to focus […]

Twitter vice president speaks about social network’s role in public opinion

Colin Crowell, the vice president of global public policy and corporate philanthropy at Twitter, spoke about how Twitter has changed civic discourse in recent years at a talk entitled “Twitter Diplomacy” yesterday afternoon in the ASEAN Auditorium. The event was sponsored by the Jonathan M. Tisch College of Civic Life, the Edward R. Murrow Center for […]

Tufts by Numbers: Campus carbon

On Tuesday, President Donald Trump signed an executive order that aims to halt and reverse many of the climate-protecting policies the Obama administration implemented. The executive order provides the opportunity for coal to be reintroduced as a main energy source nationally. Though relatively cheap and local to the United States, increased coal production can cause […]

Powder House Community School in Teele Square begins development

Preparations have begun for a mixed-use development at Powder House Community School in Teele Square. The development, which will be built by development company MarKa using the structure of a vacant elementary school, will conclude construction by summer 2018, according to MarKa Director of Development Steven Azar. Azar said that the development will include affordable and market-rate […]

Op-Ed: If it ain’t totally broke

Last Friday, facing severe opposition to their Obamacare replacement bill, the American Health Care Act (AHCA), House Republicans withdrew the bill from consideration. This is a good thing because the proposed legislation was a mess, addressing the rising costs of the ACA by crippling benefits to the poor. AHCA follows Speaker of the House Paul […]

Mind the Gap: Off the binary at Tufts

Do you ever see someone looking at you and worry if you’re being thought of as a girl or a boy? I do every day. Being gendered is, to cis people, so normal that it is invisible. Most people assume others are male or female without a second thought. When you identify with the gender you […]

More student groups embrace social entrepreneurship, support startups

Entrepreneurship courses at Tufts, run primarily through the Entrepreneurial Leadership Studies (ELS) program, aim to guide students through concepts relating to developing and sustaining the growth of new businesses. Classes offered by ELS, which is run through the Gordon Institute and offers an official minor to students, cover a range of topics, from the initial conceptual stages of a […]

Dear Jumbo: On achievement and fulfillment

-Saturday afternoon, 55 days to graduation, Whole Foods, San Francisco- “What’s the difference between achievement and fulfillment?” My mind wondered. As I closed my eyes and prepared to enter a nice nap, I found myself naturally reflecting on the journey so far. Many of us remember that feeling of wanting something so badly. For me, it […]