Tisch Library pilots new textbook reserve system, allows use outside library

As of last semester, Tisch Library and the Office for Student Success and Advising have been piloting a textbook reserve system intended to reduce the financial burden that textbooks create for students. Through this system, textbooks for a variety of classes are put on reserve for any student to borrow. According to Martha Kelehan, head of scholarly […]

March Madness

March can only mean one thing … college basketball is at the forefront of everyone’s attention. The Daily and I, Eddie “The Ides” Samuels, are here to provide you with some of the most (and least) insightful bracket advice. Unsurprisingly, one-seeds dominated the final four picks, with Villanova, Gonzaga, UNC and Kansas each earning at […]

The singles bar: diss tracks and sophomore previews

Not unlike the random May-weather weekends that have been popping up to keep hope — and climate change anxiety — alive during the otherwise brutal Boston winter, some of pop and R&B’s favorites have been dropping singles left and right to keep us going until we’re blessed by actual album releases this spring and summer. […]

E For Everyone: Blackbox

Why should you play “Blackbox – think outside the box” (2016)? Because it finally gave the tired phrase ‘a game unlike any other’ something meaningful to do. This is a game specifically created for the technical abilities of an iPhone, but don’t stop reading. I, like you probably, am always hesitant to download a mobile game […]

The Elephant in the Room: It ain’t easy

I’ve danced all my life. Starting in third grade until my senior year of high school, I sacrificed hours upon hours for the perfect pirouette or pique turn. My dance teacher always said to us that the point is to make even the most difficult leap look effortless. As hard as your legs would be […]

Vinny’s Variety Pack: NFC West draft needs

The first wave of free agency is done and about 95 percent of the biggest names have been signed. I could go and do free agency grades for each team, but that is way too much work. A quick filler if you haven’t been paying attention: The Browns actually did good things, AP is still […]

Tufts by Numbers: Snow day calculations exposed!

Monday afternoon, I sat in the Mayer Campus Center refreshing snowdaycalculator.com, looking up “school closings Boston area,” my fingers crossed tightly, hoping that this wacky March temperature would grant us our second full snow day of the semester. I wondered what kind of calculations went into judging whether school would be closed for a storm […]

Editorial: Tufts should reduce administrative costs, increase transparency

American colleges and universities consistently take a majority of the top 10 spots in worldwide rankings. As higher education has become more crucial for professional success, the demand for higher education has also gone up significantly. As most students are painfully aware, this rising demand was paired with rising tuition costs. In 1971, the average college tuition for private research […]