E For Everyone: Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Blue and Red Rescue Team

Why should you play “Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Blue / Red Rescue Team” (2005)? Because it was the game that proved to the world that Pokémon is more than just a repetitive, random-number-generation-reliant cash cow. Mystery Dungeon showed us a beautiful and different perspective into the Pokémon world: an altruistic, mystical, deeply personal, story-rich experience entirely without humans. […]

Tufts by Numbers: A non-profit named Tufts

This week, I Googled “is Tufts a non profit” and felt pretty ridiculous about my own ignorance. Attending school here costs a lot, but understanding the financial information about this institution is rarely on students’ priority lists. I decided to take a step back from Tufts as a single campus and look at where our […]

Mind the Gap: Mediocrity

I just want to say that I am writing this to procrastinate studying for two exams. Focusing has been a continued challenge this week. Focusing is a challenge over and over. I went to a professor’s office hours last Tuesday to check in after a personal event had shaken my heart. We talked about the […]

Students discuss perks, difficulties of working for university calling center

Despite the prominent advertisements aimed at recruiting students to join Tufts Telefund, many students are unfamiliar with how the organization works. Tufts Telefund Manager Justin Levin said that Telefund works with the university to fund different aspects of student life, including financial aid, clubs and sports teams. The organization does so by hiring undergraduate or graduate students to call alumni, as well as […]

Op-ed: So you protested Governor Baker

You’ve succeeded, you believe. The Boston Globe covered your protest and discussed the issues. The Tufts administration, at which you were angry for inviting a speaker whose platform you did not support, was embarrassed by your actions. You are sure this means that they will not be inviting any more “controversial” speakers in the future. […]

New faces power Tufts past MIT in season opener

The Jumbos (1-0) kicked off their season on Saturday with a 12-5 win over the Massachusetts Institute of Technology Engineers (1-1), easily handling MIT’s offense and securing a comfortable victory. While Tufts only led 1-0 after the first 11 minutes of play, sophomore attacker Dakota Adamec then scored twice within 20 seconds, and Tufts rode the momentum to a 6-3 […]

‘Jane the Virgin’ finds its footing after mid-season twist

If you’re a “Jane the Virgin” (2014 – present) fan who has continued watching the series after February’s season three, episode 10: congratulations. A shrine should be built in honor of your strength, compassion and ability to forgive. You are so patient and optimistic, you probably don’t even resent Tufts_Secure for its unreliability and unexpected […]

‘Feud’ explores ageism and sexism in Hollywood

Ryan Murphy has surely proved himself to be the hit maker of modern TV today, even more so than the beloved Shonda Rhimes. Between “Nip/Tuck” (2003-2010) “Glee” (2009-2015), “American Horror Story” (2011-present) and “American Crime Story” (2016-present), Murphy has defined and redefined the zeitgeist over and over again, each time bringing innovations to a medium that […]

Advice from Dead Poets (and Some Living): James Crews on what we lose

The thing about poetry books is that they are often slim: they fit easily into purses and suitcases, fall unnoticed into the crack behind your bed. That’s where I found my copy of “The Book of What Stays” (2011) yesterday. The author, James Crews, is not dead. He lives on an organic farm in Vermont, […]

Tufts secures four NCAA bids

No. 11 Tufts men’s track and field competed in the Tufts Final Qualifying Meet in the Gantcher Center on Saturday. This race was the last chance for runners to earn a spot at the 2017 NCAA Indoor Championships. With a few exceptions, only athletes within the top 15 times are invited to compete at the national […]