Teeing off: Eyes on Georgia

Another week goes by and I continue to study molecular biology and the various enzymes of fatty acid metabolism. Jordan Spieth, on the other hand, has just won his ninth career PGA tour event, the AT&T Pebble Beach Pro-Am, by four shots over Kelly Kraft. Spieth was in incredible form this week, striking the ball […]

‘Legion’ is a fresh take on the superhero genre

Superhero films have been immensely popular for years now. Whether one is a fan of “Thor” (2011) or “Spider-Man” (2002), “Captain America” (2011)  or “Iron Man” (2008), there is a surfeit of flicks available to satisfy the public’s hunger for everything super. But as the saying goes, quantity does not always entail quality. As more and more […]

Yvonne’s stands out from other Boston restaurants with its lively atmosphere

When diners first step inside Yvonne’s, many of them might initially feel confused. The entrance to this restaurant between Downtown Crossing and Park Street is lined with barber chairs, mirrors and hair products over counters, resembling a hair salon. Patrons have to go through another door to enter the actual restaurant. The secret door serves its function as it […]

Futurefarmers expand on the little things with ‘Errata – Brief Interruptions’

“Errata – Brief Interruptions” is the collective Futurefarmers’ current exhibition at the Carpenter Center for the Visual Arts (CCVA) at Harvard University. The collective is loosely defined, but it was founded on the partnership of Amy Franceschini and Michael Swaine. Both Franceschini and Swaine were at the opening of the exhibition, where they created a […]

Art-à-porter: On anti-fashion as anti-art

When I first showed my aunt some of the garments in the Vetements Fall-Winter Collection of 2016, her initial reaction was that designer Demna Gvasalia is actually just pulling a gigantic prank on the fashion world. To be fair, the Georgian designer’s clothes have elicited similar reactions even from some fashion connoisseurs, who were astonished not only […]

Op-Ed: The revolution will be tweeted

Resistance to the Trump Administration has come in the shape of the largest march in American history, calls for inclusion and acceptance from celebrities and the mobilization of the news media. But more recently, the White House has faced opposition from unlikely sources: the Twitter accounts of its own agencies. Faced with the prospect of […]

Michela sets the bar far North of expectations

When senior captain Michela North stepped up to the foul line on Jan. 28 to shoot for point number 1,423 of her Tufts career, there was a sense of déjà-vu that filled the two-time all-NESCAC selection. She realized that she could break the record, which at the time stood at 1,422, anytime during that game.  “In high […]

Jumbos down Ephs to earn No. 1 seed in NESCAC for first time in program history

The men’s basketball team recorded a resounding win over Williams on Friday night to end their regular season and lock up the No. 1 seed in the NESCAC for the first time in program history. Five Jumbos scored in double digits, with three of those players coming off the bench. The team matched its regular season record from last year with […]

Out of Left Field: Political All-Star team

Inspired by a post in the Effectively Wild Facebook group and Trevor Bauer’s recent Twitter rant, I’m building the best all-Democrat and all-Republican rosters using wins above replacement (WAR). The criteria: The players must have played in the majors and made political statements in some form (donations, endorsements, tweets — looking at you, Curt Schilling). My initial […]

TCU Senate discusses tobacco-free campus proposal, supplementary funding requests

The Tufts Community Union (TCU) Senate met last night in the Sophia Gordon Multipurpose Room to discuss supplementary funding requests and hear a proposal to make Tufts a tobacco-free campus. The first order of business was a proposal for a tobacco-free campus. It was brought forward by a group of community health majors, most of whom were […]