‘20th Century Women’ is the feminist indie the 21st century needs

With so many established names attached to “20th Century Women” (2016), it seems unlikely that moviegoers would have any qualms about the quality of the film. After directing hits such as “Thumbsucker” (2005) and “Beginners” (2010), Mike Mills has proven himself to be a household name in the small budget film scene. Similar to the work of […]

Polykhromatic: On Boston and art

A tour of Tufts is never complete without a stop at Tisch Library’s roof. With Boston’s skyline in the distance, the expansive vista makes the city’s proximity to Tufts seem tangible in ways that subway maps or shuttle schedules never could. Yes, Tufts exists at the periphery of a bustling metropolis, an international social space, […]

Editorial: Housing changes, both good and bad

The Office of Residential Life and Learning (ResLife) announced changes to the housing and lottery system on Jan. 20. These changes were based on a 2016 Master Housing Survey, which included student input.  While the majority of these changes were positive, certain determinations further limit the already flawed off-campus housing options at Tufts. Many of the alterations […]

Vinny’s Variety Pack: NFC East draft needs, part 1

Fantasy football and regular football are finally over (hold it together, Vinny, don’t let ‘em see you cry). Unfortunately, that means that all we have for sports until August is regular season baseball. Can you believe it? Kickoff isn’t for another 31 weeks, if I did my math correctly. That means that we have six […]

The Elephant in the Room: ‘Holiday Time’ or ‘Time to Reevaluate my Life’

It’s hard to feel adequate at a university like Tufts. I spent many precious hours of my winter break updating my LinkedIn and resume in order to secure a summer internship. I know I’m not alone in this thought process; we all came out of high school at the top of our game. It takes […]

Tufts tackles fallout from Trump’s travel ban

University President Anthony Monaco said in a Jan. 29 email to the Tufts community that the university is committed to helping students impacted by President Donald Trump’s executive order that restricts travel to the United States by nationals of seven Muslim-majority nations. University response to the order According to Senior International Officer and Associate Provost Diana Chigas, about 73 […]

Greek life abolition at Tufts’ peer institutions: What does the future hold?

At this moment in Tufts’ institutional history, the future of the Greek life system hangs in the balance. According to a message that the Office of the President sent to Tufts students on Feb. 6, the Student Life Review Committee persists in its evaluation of Tufts’ culture and aims to provide “specific, actionable recommendations” for the holistic, […]

Tufts by Numbers: Back to School

As Tufts students prepared to submit their new semester schedule, many were met with Tuft’s Student Information System’s (SIS) website’s dreaded error message, which led to them being placed on the waitlist — or worse, shut out — of classes in which they had planned to enroll. For the current spring semester, Tufts’ 5,290 undergraduate students competed […]

Campus Life, ResLife announce changes to leadership roles in first-year orientation

The orientation process for incoming first-year students will undergo changes beginning with the Class of 2021′s orientation in August. Orientation Leaders (OLs) will share responsibilities with First-Year Advisors (FYAs), who will perform the role of Resident Assistants (RAs) in first-year housing next year. Howard Woolf, director of the Experimental College and associate dean of undergraduate education, […]