All in Good Taste: JUGOS and Kwench

Though it may be “basic” no one can resist a good acai bowl with granola and fresh berries. My journey to discover a great smoothie bowl was not fruitless, but unfortunately, I was unable to find any options particularly close to the Tufts campus. That said, the smoothie bowl you have been craving (or at […]

Top video game picks for winter break

The end of the year is dense with new video game releases, as publishers rush to release their big-budget titles when consumers are most likely to pick them up. The holiday season deluge of overhyped flagship games can be a little overwhelming, however, so here are some picks of glitzy, big-budget blowouts to be your […]

Editorial: Updating distribution requirements in the College of Arts and Sciences

It has been decades since the graduation requirements for the College of Arts and Sciences at Tufts have been seriously and holistically re-evaluated. The Tufts Community Union (TCU) Senate and faculty members are currently assessing whether or not our long-held distribution requirements are congruent with the university’s current values and needs. The graduation requirement system mandates that students in […]

French Society hosts panel on repercussions of colonialism in Francophone world

Tufts French Society hosted a panel discussion between professors and students on France’s colonial history and legacy at 6 p.m. Monday in the Alumnae Lounge. The panel included Professor of History Hugh Roberts, Professor of History Elizabeth Foster, Professor of French Mona El Khoury, Professor of French Adlai Murdoch and Professor of Arabic Alexandra Shraytekh. […]

Op-Ed: Lessons learned

The Democrats lost the presidential election, while failing to regain control of the House or the Senate. This necessitates some hand-wringing and strategizing. But so far, the lessons that have emerged from Nov. 8 have largely been the wrong ones. Buoyed by the notion that this election was swung by a white, populist uprising, Democratic […]

TCU Senate hosts forum to discuss changes to graduation requirements

Students and faculty gathered in the Alumnae Lounge on Monday afternoon to discuss the perceived purpose and importance of Tufts’ current graduation requirements for liberal arts students. The event, hosted by Tufts Community Union (TCU) Senate, aimed to collect student input on the current requirements, according to TCU senators and education committee members junior Historian Rati […]

Sociology Lecturer Katy Vecitis passes away Sunday

Professor Katy Vecitis, a lecturer in the Department of Sociology, died on Sunday after being ill throughout the fall semester and taking a medical leave of absence several weeks ago. Chair of the Department of Sociology Pawan Dhingra was unable to provide specific information about Vecitis’ illness in an email that was sent to sociology majors […]

Jumbos post 34-point victory in first home game

Tufts started strong at home this past week, blowing past the UMass. Wheaton Lyons and the Brandeis Judges by a combined margin of 50 points in the team’s first two home games. The team recorded a 53-37 win over Brandeis on Sunday and a 73-39 victory against Wheaton (Mass.) on Nov. 22, bringing its record to 4-0. The Jumbos got off […]

Metropolitan Museum of Art dazzles with ‘Jerusalem 1000-1400: Every People Under Heaven’

In the essay “Byzantine Parallels,” groundbreaking art critic Clement Greenberg discusses the ways in which Byzantine art and modern art aim to create a similar experience for the viewer. In early November, Department of Arts and Art History professor Eva Hoffman’s classes — Medieval Art of the Mediterranean and Artistic Exchange in the Mediterranean — visited […]