A letter from AOII: An official response to our recent chapter division

Alpha Omicron Pi (AOII) was founded in 1897 with the core values of integrity, tolerance, generosity, personal dignity and love. Since its establishment in 1908, AOII Delta has a history of staying true to these values, even when faced with opposition from the larger community. From 1969 to 1987, the sisters in Delta stopped recruiting […]

Editorial: Reassessing Tufts’ ‘unwavering values’

University President Anthony Monaco sent out a letter yesterday to members of the Tufts community, urging individuals to reaffirm their commitment to Tufts’ founding values at a time of “significant uncertainty” in our country. Citing acts of post-election hate and intimidation that have occurred on campuses — including Tufts — nationwide, Monaco made clear that hostile, hate-filled language […]

Jumbo Steps: From ‘good mourning’ to ‘good morning’

Not even Carm’s endless supply of tater tots could’ve convinced me to untangle myself from my cocoon of sheets. I knew it was a bad idea to forgo breakfast for sleep last Wednesday morning. But I also knew that sleeping would better nourish my mind and body. I woke up with 10 minutes to spare […]

The ‘Arrival’ of a successful human-alien contact sci-fi

Most modern science fiction works don’t portray human-alien interaction well. An example of this is 2012’s “Prometheus,” which had a nightmare of a plot that was simply an accessory to over-the-top visual effects. These kinds of movies hit you over the head with the fact that, surprise, there are aliens, and then they fall apart […]

‘True Memoirs of an International Assassin’ squanders interesting premise

Truth is stranger than fiction, or so the saying goes, and this cliché proverb is the foundation of Netflix’s latest original feature film, “True Memories of an International Assassin,” which was released on Nov. 11.  “Beasts of No Nation” (2015) proved that Netflix’s films can compete for critical acclaim, and “True Memoirs of an International Assassin” […]

Jumbos win NCAA Regional Championship, eye national title

Following a dominant weekend in which aufts dropped only two sets across three matches, Tufts is headed to the NCAA Div. III Quarterfinal for the second time ever after its first trip in 2009. The Jumbos are just three wins away from a national championship. In the final match of the weekend, the Jumbos matched up against […]

Jumbos begin NCAA run with two shutouts

The Jumbos have, so far, made the most of the at-large bid to the NCAA Div. III tournament they received last Monday, their third in as many years. Only two NESCAC teams, the other being Amherst, were given bids to the tournament this year, and Tufts was lucky to receive one after falling out of the […]

Under the Lights: California dreaming

The team that provides the most pleasurable rooting experience in sports today is not a contender for any kind of championship this season. It does not feature anything close to a real superstar, a player who can transcend the entire experience of watching a team with their remarkable acts of athleticism on the field or court. […]

Karachi vs. Kansas: The reality of identity politics

Faryal (F): When we wrote our last column, we were relatively optimistic about the results of the presidential election. All the polls were saying it was going to be a Clinton win, but all of those polls were wrong. To say I was shocked when I saw the results is an understatement. I genuinely thought […]

The Reel World: Midterm blues

If I had to give a rough estimate as to the total amount of time I was outside of my blanket cocoon in my room this past weekend, I would guess it adds up to about seven minutes. The reason? No, I have not decided to become a troll, though I would be lying if […]