TCU Senate delivers updates at weekly meeting

The Tufts Community Union (TCU) Senate held its weekly meeting in the Sophia Gordon Hall Multipurpose Room to discuss the current state of TCU as well as to discuss supplementary funding requests from several student groups. TCU President Gauri Seth opened the meeting with her State of the TCU speech, in which she discussed the Tufts community as a whole […]

The Reel World: ‘Election’

Since the election will finally be over after today, I feel it’s only appropriate to approach political films in this column. This is mostly a byproduct of my habit of actively ignoring all remotely political news and kind of just hoping it will go away. However, as Election Day drew nearer and nearer, the focus moved […]

Election Day: Final thoughts from Tufts Republicans

The past several months have been host to one of the most historic and media-driven presidential elections in recent memory, a season marked not only by its many departures from “normal” election proceedings but also by its potential to affect our national future for far more than the four or eight years to come. This […]

Jumbo Steps: Election sagas

I wonder if viewership ratings for “The Real Housewives of Whatever Botox County” have gone down this past year. Because, honestly, why tune into that sort of cheap entertainment when CNN and Fox News can give you even better drama? I mean, let’s be real: This election cycle has been a complete and utter s—show. […]

Election Day: Final thoughts from Tufts Democrats

After a long, difficult campaign season, this election is nearly over. All that is left is the final decision. You know the stakes. This election has been covered continuously by the media; every comment of every candidate has been endlessly scrutinized, analyzed and dissected from all angles. You know that one candidate has 30 years of […]

Op-Ed: A response to the Observer article ‘Abolish Fraternities’

My name is Shawn Patterson, president emeritus of Pi Rho Omega, and I am writing in response to the recent Observer article’s vicious accusations against my fraternity. I agree with the sentiment that much about Greek life at Tufts needs to be improved, but the published statement about my organization is a false account derived […]

Today’s gamble: Casino project underway across Mystic River

Under the Massachusetts Gaming Act of 2011, the state permits the operation of one slot parlor and up to three destination resort casinos, each located in a distinct region of the state. Question 1 on today’s Massachusetts ballot, “Expand Slot Machine Gaming” initiative, seeks to add an additional slot machine in Massachusetts. Regardless of the outcome of […]

Community members discuss Question 2’s potential impact in surrounding area

Massachusetts voters will decide today on four ballot questions as part of a state referendum. One of these, Question 2, calls for the approval of up to 12 new charter schools or the expansion of enrollment in existing charter schools each year. Among the charter schools that have already been established in Massachusetts is Prospect Hill […]

Karachi vs. Kansas: Go vote (then think)

Natasha (N): As much as I hate to add to the frenzy of opinions that bombard us on a daily basis in relation to the presidential race, today is Election Day. That means a lot of different things to different people. For us, it means that millions of people will be casting their vote for […]