The Tufts Daily Show: Nation’s 45th president-to-be [Hillary Clinton / Donald Trump]

The tribe has spoken! Today is the second Wednesday of November, which means that yesterday we officially elected a new president! However, this column was due for submission on Monday, so it was written before most of the ballots were cast and counted. I decided to just go ahead and write about the outcome of the […]

Runway Roundup: The two Bs in life: Boring and basic

Was it worth it? #ProjectRunway — Project Runway (@ProjectRunway) November 4, 2016 Almost all of us have experienced the heightened drama associated with a group project. You are stuck with people you don’t know very well and then forced to produce your best work. Some groups synergize, and some groups suffer from mixed loyalties and […]

Artz leads Jumbos to NESCAC Championship

Playing in a NESCAC tournament on Ounjian Field for the first time, the first-seeded Jumbos rolled through their opponents en route to a NESCAC championship. In the 3-1 championship win against fourth-seeded Middlebury, Tufts built up a two point lead in the first half and weathered Middlebury’s second half goal by adding another late. Tufts held […]

Under the Lights: Pettiness lives

We knew Thursday’s matchup between the Oklahoma City Thunder and the Golden State Warriors, pitting ex-superstar teammates Russell Westbrook and Kevin Durant against each other, was going to be epic. We couldn’t have imagined, though, that it would be so delightfully petty. Durant and Westbrook spent almost a decade together playing for the Thunder, providing the […]

Tufts falls to Middlebury in NESCAC Championship game, receives NCAA bid

Despite an unblemished regular season in conference play, Tufts faltered against Middlebury in the NESCAC championship game on Sunday. The umboumbos must again wait to capture the NESCAC volleyball conference championship, which they have not won since 1996. Tufts was as focused a team as it had been all season heading into the tournament this past weekend, […]

Jumbos fall 1-0 to Bantams in NESCAC tournament quarterfinal

The fifth-seeded Jumbos were eliminated from the NESCAC tournament in the quarterfinals by the fourth-seeded Trinity Bantams on Oct. 29. This marks the second consecutive year that Tufts has been defeated in the NESCAC quarterfinals. As the Jumbos did not receive a bid to the NCAA tournament, the loss was their final contest this season. “That’s four years that […]

Obama, Trump hold rallies in New Hampshire preceding Election Day

President Barack Obama rallied voters for Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton yesterday at the University of New Hampshire’s Whittemore Center Arena. New Hampshire is considered a critical piece of the electoral map by both Democrats and Republicans, Obama said during the rally. “There are some scenarios where [Clinton] doesn’t win if she doesn’t win New Hampshire,” Obama said. After being introduced […]

Tisch College’s CIRCLE releases poll showing millennial voting trends

Tisch College’s Center for Information and Research on Civic Learning and Engagement (CIRCLE) conducted a new poll of millennial voters from ages 18 to 34 between Sept. 21 and Oct. 3, demonstrating that while millennials have a high interest in the election, less than 30 percent have been contacted by campaigns in 2016. About 66 percent of millennials have said that they […]