Class of 2018 elects Mihm, Sossenheimer in special TCU Senate election

Claudia Mihm and Anna Sossenheimer of the Class of 2018 were elected to Tufts Community Union (TCU) Senate in a special election yesterday. Three candidates — Mihm, Sossenheimer and Justin Will — ran for the two open junior class senator seats. Both Mihm and Sossenheimer said they are excited about their victories and are enthusiastic to begin […]

Lady Gaga is ‘Joanne’ on her re-inventive fifth studio album

Lady Gaga is back – again. After an unusually long absence on pop radio, the former dance pop queen known for thrilling hits such as “Just Dance” (2008) and “Bad Romance” (2009) has returned with her fifth studio album and taken the eponymous moniker of her deceased aunt Joanne, which is as bizarre as it […]

Runway Roundup: This column is brought to you by pizza rolls

#DesignerRoberi's love for roller coasters makes us love them even more. 🎢 #ProjectRunway — Project Runway (@ProjectRunway) October 28, 2016 What is streetwear? This is the question that plagued designers on this week’s episode of “Project Runway” (2004-present) as many stepped out of their comfort zone of cocktail dresses into the “Urban Jungle” (it’s […]

Editorial: Reflections on political inclusivity

With the election season coming to an end, perhaps it’s time for some honest reflection on how we ended up with such a polarized national political climate and two of the most unlikable candidates in the history of the United States. Critics of this year’s election most often cite political incompatibility between Republicans and Democrats as the […]

The evolving cycle of recycling

Campus recycling was limited throughout most of Tufts’ history until Karen White (LA ’91) and a few other students decided to establish an official recycling and waste management program for the university in 1990. So began Tufts Recycles!, according to Betsy Isenstein, the director of Facilities Technical Services. Tufts Recycles! was run primarily by Tufts students, who worked to increase recycling […]

Dr. Tony Affigne gives lecture on Donald Trump, Latinx Electorate

Tony Affigne, professor of political science at Providence College, spoke on Wednesday about the effect of Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump’s campaign on the Latinx electorate in a lecture titled “Building a Wall or Digging a Hole: Donald Trump and the Latinx Electorate.” The lecture, held in Barnum Hall, was hosted by the Latino Studies Program, […]

As presidential election nears, former chief of staff, governor discuss leadership, civic duties

The Tisch College Distinguished Speaker Series hosted a discussion last night with former New Mexico Governor Bill Richardson (LA ’70) and former Chief of Staff to President George W. Bush Andy Card, focusing on the transition of government after the election, the civic responsibilities of young voters and the speakers’ own experiences with national elections. The talk, which was held at […]

Editor’s Challenge | Week 9

Hello Sports fans, welcome to Week 9 of the Editor’s Challenge. Last week was not a good one for those at the bottom of the standings, as Sophie “Burrata” Lehrenbaum and Nina “Mascarpone” Joung’s attempts were about as solid as their cheesy namesakes. Both scored only six points out of a possible 13. On the other […]

Letter to the Editor: On Question 2

To the Editor: Question 2 will determine the future of public education in Massachusetts. Can we continue to improve our schools, or will we develop a two-tiered system with preferred funding for privately-run schools that focus on the easiest-to-educate children? There’s a lot at stake. So, point by point, I’d like to respond to Scott […]

The Tufts Daily Show: RE: The complete timeline of Clinton’s email saga

Happy belated Halloween, everyone. Before I begin, I’d like to do a quick PSA: please, remove that pumpkin from your front porch. Remove it. It is no longer a festive decoration. It is now a piece of rotting fruit. It is becoming mushy. Squirrels have been eating it and getting drunk and making poor life decisions. […]