Nino Testa to leave role as LGBT Center Director

Director of the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender (LGBT) Center Nino Testa (G ’13) will be leaving Tufts on Dec. 16, after having served in the role for the past two and a half years. According to Testa, Dean of Student Affairs Mary Pat McMahon will hire an interim director for the spring while a nationwide search for […]

Take Back the Night aims to facilitate conversation surrounding sexual violence

Take Back the Night (TBTN), a “glow walk” across campus to raise awareness about community sexual assault, took place on Nov. 1 on the Academic Quad. The event stems from the national TBTN organization, with similar events taking place on campuses and in communities across the country, according to Jennifer Shi, director of programming on Tufts Panhellenic Council. This […]

The Reel World: Kirsten Dunst

As I was going over my plans for flying home over Thanksgiving, “Elizabethtown” (2005) came into my head immediately. In the film, Orlando Bloom portrays Drew Baylor, a shoe designer who returns to his Kentucky hometown for his father’s funeral. More famously, however, “Elizabethtown” is the film that invented the Manic Pixie Dream Girl trope […]

At the Center for Interdisciplinary Studies, students take ownership of their courses and theses

The Interdisciplinary Studies (IS) major is a relatively hidden opportunity that can be a blessing for students who cannot fulfill their academic appetite with Tufts’ pre-designed majors. The Center for Interdisciplinary Studies’ (CIS) website describes the major as an option for students whose academic interests span multiple disciplines and who want to tailor their own course load at Tufts. The website […]

Karachi vs. Kansas: #Literature

Natasha (N): One thing I think is really important in any discussion of identity is exposing ourselves to a variety of “sources” that connect us to various pieces of our identity. For me, this was always primarily through books. I first defined my ideas of womanhood through Jane Austen, followed by countless narratives on how it […]

The Echo Chamber: On recycling

The average American produces 4.3 pounds of waste per day. Thirty-four percent of our total waste is recycled, up from 16 percent in 1990. Germans blow us out of the water, recycling or composting over 60 percent of their municipal waste, according to the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development. But still, in 2013, the U.S. saved 87.2 million tons […]

Point-Counterpoint: College rankings

Point-Counterpoint juxtaposes two opposing perspectives on polarizing issues and debates. The following responses, written by the Daily’s opinion section, address both sides of the conversation on the usefulness of college rankings in the admissions process.  The case for college rankings While the college search is typically characterized by excitement, growing selectivity in higher education has made the process more stressful […]

Tufts Art Gallery acquires Sam Gilliam’s ‘Fold XII’

On Oct. 21, the Tufts University Permanent Art Collection acquired “Fold XII,” a painting by the famous abstract painter Sam Gilliam. The piece is like nothing else in the gallery: The colors bleed together on the canvas in an array of vibrant hues that make the painting stand out among the others beside it. Gilliam is just […]

Bettez runner up at NESCAC Championship, Jumbos place second overall

Runners faced far-from-ideal conditions on a cold, rainy and muddy afternoon at the NESCAC Championship, hosted by Colby College on Saturday. Ranked sixth nationally, Tufts finished with 72 points, earning second place after rival No. 5 Williams, with its score of 47, for the second straight year. Third place went to No. 20 Bates, which netted 109 […]