Editorial: Improving campus dialogue on alcohol safety

Excessive alcohol use has become fairly prevalent on college campuses, with many universities instituting programs that encourage responsible drinking habits and highlight student resources to combat the issue. While Tufts has taken steps to promote safe social environments, there are noticeable gaps in students’ education on such a pervasive issue. Looking at the current initiatives here at Tufts, there is […]

Jumbo Steps: Be kind today

My grandparents bought me a leather-bound lined journal when I was very young. I decided to stow it in my closet right after receiving it because I didn’t want to waste the pages on stupid doodles or to-do lists. And just as with most things that go into the closet, the journal was henceforth sucked […]

The Tufts Daily Show: The Audacity of Grope

Hey, everyone! It’s Oct. 19, and today’s column is about how our potential next president may have sexually assaulted numerous women — yeah, one of those days I guess. So before I get started, I’d just like to say: RUN, RUN RIGHT NOW. PUT THIS PAPER DOWN AND GET THE HELL OUT OF HERE. NO, […]

Editorial: New credit system, new problems

The university recently made the decision to change its current credit system to a standardized, credit-hour system, as described in an Oct. 3 Daily article. Under the current system, a student could theoretically graduate with less than the 120 semester hour units required by the U.S. Department of Education to graduate with a Bachelor’s degree. For this reason, […]

Op-Ed: Homesick after Hurricane Matthew

I’ve never been one to be homesick. I’m at a loss for words whenever relatives and family friends pose the question, to which they assume every college freshman 15 hours from home will answer positively. I know people that go to college 15 minutes from home — they attend high school football games on Friday nights and […]

On Queer: On cis, straight opinions

There are a lot of them. Everyone has a lot of opinions, and there are a lot of people who identify as straight and/or cisgender (identifying with the gender they were assigned at birth). For the most part, these opinions are things like “I don’t like eggs,” or “Summer is the best season” or “My car is […]

JumboCode receives TCU recognition

JumboCode was recognized by Tufts Community Union (TCU) Judiciary on Oct. 2 as one of the official new student groups on campus, according to TCU Judiciary Chair Anna Weissman. The group, which began last fall, provides students interested in computer science with an opportunity to help non-profit organizations in the local community and greater Boston area […]

RCD hosts workshop on colonialism and indigenous studies

Approximately 50 students and faculty gathered with scholars and indigenous nation members to discuss native art, colonialism and indigeneity as part of the third annual workshop held by the Consortium of Studies in Race, Colonialism and Diaspora (RCD) last Friday in Sophia Gordon Hall. The event, titled “Native American and Indigenous Studies, Colonialism and the University,” was RCD’s primary project […]

Cold weather cinema: fall/winter film preview

If the rapidly approaching winter has you feeling down, look no further than your local movie theater. From science fiction blockbusters to bleak dramas and a feel-good Disney flick, there’s something for everyone as fall sets in and winter approaches. Here are the top picks of the season: “Doctor Strange,” Nov. 4 From “Sinister” (2012) director […]