Bon Iver’s ’22, A Million’ is delightfully experimental

Back when ending TV episodes with dramatic music montages was not considered cliché and lazy, mainstream culture was all about exploiting indie music. Millions of college students across the world depended on music supervisor Alexandra Patsavas as their guru — the obscure band or the quirky singer-songwriter they “discovered” could only get approval from others if […]

Casting, unique touches make ‘Queen of Katwe’ a genuine, impressive underdog story

“Queen of Katwe,” released on Sept. 23, begins with a shot of a girl’s feet immediately followed by one of her face, steely and intensely focused. It is clear the viewer is witnessing an ascent, from literal low to high. The girl is Phiona Mutesi, a young girl from the Ugandan slum Katwe who unexpectedly rises […]

The Reel World: Homecoming

The Homecoming football game and all its associated festivities over the weekend got me thinking, strangely, about America’s Heartland and the cinema that portrays it (often patronizingly, I might add). I don’t know — something about alumni “coming home” to see old friends and watch a football game just brings up in my mind a […]

Events on the Hill this week

Monday “From Bush to Obama and Beyond: Learning and Not Learning the Lessons of Iraq and Warfare in the Middle East” Details: Rami Khouri, senior fellow at Harvard’s John F. Kennedy School of Government’s Middle East Initiative, will be giving a lecture assessing the United States’ involvement in the Middle East over the past 15 years, highlighting involvement […]

Editorial: A push to remove criminal history from college applications

The past few months have been critical in the fight to make higher education more accessible to all, especially those with criminal records. This summer, the U.S. Department of Education called on public and private universities to reassess the way that criminal records affect applicants’ admission. In June, they called upon universities to adopt the […]

Op-Ed: Free Speech: “Now and Forever”

Since when do promises mean nothing? On Nov. 7, 2009, Tufts’ Board of Trustees boldly expressed the necessity of free expression on the Tufts campus in its Declaration on Freedom of Expression. “Freedom of expression and inquiry are fundamental to the academic enterprise,” the declaration says. “Without freedom of expression, community members cannot fully share their knowledge […]

The Arena: The scoreboard

My favorite part of the first presidential debate was Donald Trump’s reaction to it. In the face of a debate that was a draw at best, the Republican candidate proclaimed victory. Trump conveniently cited several (unscientific) polls showing him ahead, such as Fox News’ poll, completely ignoring the response of the majority of analysts and, […]

Through art, SMFA, Student Accessibility Services asks students to show what disability means to them

October is National Disability Employment Awareness Month, which recognizes the role of disability in workforce diversity in the United States. In past years, Tufts Student Accessibility Services (SAS) has organized programming around this national campaign, such as inviting speakers to campus and hosting movie screenings to raise awareness about disability on campus, according to Lindsay Costa, […]

On Queer: On Non-binary Attraction

This column was written by an anonymous resident of the Rainbow House. Like many of us, I have a Tinder. Also like many of us, I am non-binary. Unfortunately for everyone involved, the two rarely play nicely together. If I list myself on Tinder as male, I’m repeatedly asked about my anatomy, or what I […]

Is this thing on? Crushing on The Chainsmokers

Welcome back! Today is all about The Chainsmokers, who I am personally endorsing as The Next Big Thing. Here’s my take on why they work and how they’re changing the image of EDM. When Andrew Taggart and Alex Pall stepped into the spotlight in 2014 as The Chainsmokers, their first commercial success came in the form of […]