Do it this weekend: Sept. 30-Oct. 2

FRIDAY “The Ground on Which We Stand” Details: Actor, director and playwright Ruben Santiago-Hudson will discuss his professional experience and insights with Monica White Ndounou, associate professor in the drama and dance department. Conversation topics will include Santiago-Hudson’s personal experience as a black Latino working in the American entertainment industry and his professional work on programs such as […]

Tufts launches Trans Support Task Force, hopes to increase on-campus resources

Tufts is launching the Trans Support Task Force to improve university resources available for transgender students and streamline communication within the Tufts community, according to Nino Testa, director of the LGBT Center and task force co-chair. The other co-chair is Chief Diversity Officer and Associate Provost Mark Brimhall-Vargas, and the task force will hold its first meeting on Oct. 20, Testa said. […]

Sophomore Mina Karamercan leads Jumbos at ITA Regional Tournament

Sophomore Mina Karamercan clinched the 41st victory of her Tufts career in the women’s tennis team’s season opener. Seeded seventh in the singles bracket, Karamercan won two straight singles matches and was responsible for two of Tufts’ four total victories as the team finished 4-8 at the ITA Regional Tournament this weekend at MIT. In her first round match against Valentia […]

Vinny’s Variety Pack: “Dance-Cam” Newton bounces back

For those of you who relied on my column last week, my apologies. I seemed to have forgotten that Bill Belichick is the second-coming of Christ, and I suppose Rex Ryan decided that coaching was more fun than playing Angry Birds on the sidelines. Anyhow, the past is the past, so let’s move on and jump […]

All in good taste: Bagelsaurus review

I am almost appreciative of the long line outside of Bagelsaurus that winds its way around the street in Porter Square. After a slow start to my Sunday morning, I’m eager for any excuse to prolong starting my homework. My first piece of advice regarding Bagelsaurus is not to be discouraged by the line. There is […]

Remember pleasure reading? Give it a go with Emma Donoghue’s ‘The Wonder’

Who remembers reading for fun? As many might agree, pleasure reading can be a guilt-ridden part of the college experience, especially when it comes at the expense of the mountains of assigned reading that start to pile on students’ desks. Even though these “pleasure reads” may occur less frequently, that is certainly no reflection on the […]

‘Designated Survivor’ lays groundwork for next political obsession

Every year during the president’s State of the Union address, one member of the cabinet is left behind, labeled the “designated survivor.” The idea is that if something devastating were to happen to the Capitol Building while the president and the majority of his staff and cabinet were there, someone from the line of succession […]

Maintaining Your Tuftsanity: The Snow Globe Effect

College is a lot like living in a snow globe. How, you may ask? Surely I don’t mean that it traps you in a little plastic dome, free to wander around like the snowman from the Pixar short until you see a plastic mermaid in the next globe over and want desperately to escape. In […]