Got meals?: Sharing meal swipes to tackle food insecurity

Meal swiping is mindless for many of us. We swipe in and out of the dining halls day after day without giving it a second thought. This is especially true for first-years, who aren’t given a choice about the amount of meals they pay for over the course of the year. Under Tufts’ premium meal plan, which is required […]

Editorial: Curve grading needs to go

Everyone’s heard the horror stories of collegiate sabotage: students ripping pages out of their peers’ textbooks, pulling fire alarms in the library during finals week or intentionally giving their classmates incorrect notes. While these tales are extremes of questionable veracity, undoubtably there exists a certain level of competitiveness between students when it comes to classes […]

Op-Ed: Older and (maybe) wiser

When President Obama ran for office in 2008, he was doing so as a man who had two years of experience in the United States Senate. He was 47 years old. People believed that America needed a “fresh face” and new ideas. Now, eight years later, our country is deciding who will take over for […]

Women’s Center welcomes new interim director this fall

Bryn Gravitt began her tenure as interim director of the Women’s Center on Aug. 22 of this year, following the departure of former director Steph Gauchel in February for a position at the Harvard Divinity School. Gravitt will serve in her capacity until Feb. 2017, or until a long-term candidate is selected, she said. As a former graduate student […]

Under the Lights

Only a select few are labeled “the voice of a generation.” It’s downright silly to be dubbed the voice of three. And yet, that is the title that Vin Scully, the Los Angeles Dodgers’ play-by-play man on television and radio for the last 67 — yes, 67 — years, has earned over his unimaginably decorated career that […]

Police Briefs – Sept. 26

If You Can’t Take the Heat… A Carmichael Dining Center employee cut his right hand on Sept. 19 at 3 p.m. while preparing food for dinner. Tufts Emergency Medical Services (TEMS) and the Tufts University Police Department (TUPD) responded to the incident. The wound was bandaged and the employee was brought to the hospital for followup. […]

No. 6 Tufts outpaces competition en route to fourth place finish at Williams

Women’s cross country continued its strong start to the season with a fourth-place finish at the Williams Purple Valley Classic. No. 6 Tufts was the only team at the meet that placed nine runners in the top 50 of the six-kilometer race. The Jumbos finished with 125 points, 25 behind third place finisher No. 1 Williams. No. 2 SUNY […]

Jumbo Steps: Christ’s horseshoe

It’s interesting to see what kind of questions we Jumbos ask each other at the start of every academic year. I’ve noticed that the majority of returning sophomores ask more personal questions compared to the start of freshman year, which makes sense since the first-year song and dance of asking vague questions is over. There […]