Men’s soccer rebounds with two 3-0 wins at home

In the Jumbos’ home opener at Bello Field on Saturday, the team earned its first win of the season, defeating Bates 3-0. On Sunday, Tufts repeated its success at home in a 3-0 win over non-conference opponent Plymouth State. Prior to last weekend the Jumbos were 0-2-1, marking their worst start since 2009 when they opened the season 0-4-1. According to senior forward Gaston Becherano, the main difference for the […]

Vinny’s Variety Pack: The Cardinal(s) rule week 3

What’s up fantasy football fans? I’m your new fantasy columnist for the fall, and my job is to help you win a game or two this year. In each column, I am going to give you one to two players at each position who should be absolute fantasy studs for the upcoming week, while hopefully managing to keep […]

Maintaining Your Tuftsanity: Laugh It Off

Disclaimer: I feel it is necessary to begin this (my debut as a columnist for The Tufts Daily) with a reminder that I am a 19-year old college student who’s undecided about everything from her major to her favorite ice cream flavor, so any advice I attempt to give on how to maintain your “Tuftsanity” may be completely […]

Op-Ed: Everything is awesome?

The United States had a very good 2015. This was the message that emerged last week when the Census Bureau released its annual report on income, poverty and health coverage. Analyzing 2015, the report found that the American economy witnessed one of its best years on record. Most notably, median household income rose 5.2 percent […]

Editorial: The ghosting generation

Far too many of us can relate to the experience of being “ghosted.” It’s what happens when you meet someone you’re interested in at a party and exchange some texts, only to never hear from them again, or in more serious cases, when someone you’re dating cuts things off completely with no warning or any […]

All in good taste: Saus review

Whether in Davis Square or beyond, sometimes it’s refreshing to get a break from Dewick and Carmichael. I’m Parker, a sophomore who admittedly spends an unhealthy amount of time searching for tasty Boston restaurants. This column will hopefully provide some must (or must not) stops in the Boston area. Nestled among the pubs and taverns […]

International Relations major creates two new concentrations

This fall, the International Relations (IR) program is offering two newly-revised thematic concentrations (TC) to be taken alongside the IR major’s core requirement classes. These thematic concentrations are TC5: Globalizations and TC6: Identity. The new globalizations concentration focuses on worldwide practices in topics such as human rights, migration, technology and the study of cultures, among others, according to […]

University explores interdisciplinary initiatives with proposed data center

Initiatives focusing on identifying and supporting cross-school programs are beginning to take shape as the semester progresses. Three such initiatives, which were laid out by University President Anthony Monaco in a Sept. 9 message to the university, include development on a proposed Center for Computational and Data-Intensive Research, progress on a data science major and the hiring […]

Jumping Hurdles: Down with kale

Ever heard of “Ned’s Declassified School Survival Guide”? Brace-faced, pimply, lanky little Anna was obsessed with that show, and all I ever wanted in middle school was a guide that told me step-by-step how to navigate life. Now, quite a few years later as a washed-up college junior, I still haven’t quite grown out of […]