The Echo Chamber: Inside Affordable Care

There’s a spot on campus, right behind Eaton Hall, where, if said just at the right angle, an echo of your voice can be heard. At Tufts, an echo of political thought and ideas can be heard not just behind Eaton Hall, but all around us. Tufts, like many liberal arts universities around the country, […]

Op-Ed: What happened to Eaton?

It was the first day of class and everything was going according to schedule. Picking up books, running into about a hundred people at the Rez and sweating more than I’d like to admit while walking up the hill. I made my usual rounds and headed to my art history class, one I took in […]

‘Snowden’ lacks boldness, falls flat in reinvigorating ongoing national issue

Oliver Stone’s “Snowden,” which was released on Sept. 16, has the cluster of elements that make for a great film: an exciting, mysterious lead character; a timely, multi-faceted national concern and the anesthetizing glory brought on by Joseph Gordon-Levitt’s mere presence. Okay, that last one might be a reach for some people. Even with all these […]

Tufts Union Debate holds two-state solution debate

Tufts Union Debate held its inaugural event yesterday in Braker 001 at 7 p.m. during which four students debated the motion, “This Campus Believes that the U.S. Should Support a Two-State Solution.” The event was attended by approximately 30 students. The motion was debated by two pairs of students, one for the motion and the other against. Each pair began with […]

Tufts Food Rescue Collaborative coordinates dining center food donation

Tufts Food Rescue Collaborative (TFRC), a university-affiliated food donation umbrella organization, is working to package and distribute uneaten food from Tufts Dining Services this semester, according to TFRC founders Shelby Luce and Lucy Zwigard. TFRC is a partnership between Dining Services, students, faculty, staff and Food for Free, a local NGO dedicated to redistributing food to homeless families. When it launched last March […]

Police Briefs – Sept. 19

A Severe Case Tufts University Police Department (TUPD) received news of a student feeling poorly at 200 Boston Ave. on Sept. 14 at 1:30 p.m. The student was experiencing severe stomach pain and vomiting. Tufts Emergency Medical Services (TEMS), TUPD, the fire department and Armstrong Ambulance, an ambulance company servicing Medford, arrived on the scene. The student […]

Jumbo Steps: Stale

Let me take you back to 2011: the year that birthed unto us a rather unforgivably distasteful acronym, YOLO (“You Only Live Once”). I personally hate the acronym because of its now muddy meaning. The mantra is well-intended, but its execution — not so much. I find it almost exclusively reserved for those “I have a […]

Editorial: Why the obsession with Hillary’s health?

Last week, headlines about the presidential race took a sharp turn away from policy and merit and toward the supposedly fluctuant health of the Democratic presidential nominee, Hillary Clinton. Unable to escape controversy, Clinton found herself under intense scrutiny after almost fainting at a Sept. 11 memorial service, the result of a brief bout of pneumonia that left her tired […]

Op-Ed: Inside the global black market for organ trade

Each day, 20 people in the United States die waiting for an organ. The entire system of organ trade is bizarre: sick people hope and pray that someone else will die and be a viable match for an organ transplant. Currently, about 120,000 people in the United States are on the transplant list hoping that […]

The Reel World: The look

When I arrived at Tufts, I thought of a movie that parallels the point where I am in my life, as I often do. This time, I couldn’t help but recall the ending of “The Kids Are Alright” (2010). The situation, the final goodbye before I enter college, is the same, except I’m not Australian actress Mia […]