‘The Mindy Project’ defies rom-com clichés

Going into the midseason premiere of season four of “The Mindy Project” (2012-present), Mindy and Danny’s relationship was in limbo. And in the premiere, titled “Will They or Won’t They?,” it became clear that, at least for now, they won’t. For a show written by and about a person obsessed with romantic comedies at face […]

David Bordwell visits campus to discuss 1940s Hollywood

On Monday, prolific film scholar David Bordwell of the University of Wisconsin-Madison delivered a lecture about experimentation in storytelling techniques in 1940s Hollywood films. The talk, titled “The Switcheroo Tradition: Narrative Innovations in 1940s Hollywood,” was held in Olin Hall and was preceded by a screening of “The Locket” (1946). It was the final installment of […]

Meg Urry discusses growth of supermassive black holes in astronomy and physics lecture

Claudia Megan “Meg” Urry (A ’77), director of the Yale Center for Physics and Astrophysics, presented parts of her personal research and discussed her experience as a woman in the field of physics last night for the sixth Kathryn A. McCarthy Lecture in Physics at the Collaborative Learning and Innovation Complex (CLIC). Urry spoke to an audience of approximately 50 people at […]

Protestors demand Center for the Study of Drug Development to release names of pharmaceutical funders

Following a die-in protest outside the Tufts School of Medicine’s Center for the Study of Drug Development (CSDD) on Friday, April 1, protestors continue to demand disclosure from the CSDD on the pharmaceutical companies that fund researcher Joseph DiMasi’s work. At press time, the CSDD has not yet disclosed these companies, which the CSDD says is against the center’s policies. DiMasi’s research […]

Jumbos place sixth at Boston Dinghy Challenge Cup, look forward to New England Championships

Amid the heat of the fleet racing season, the sailing team competed on the Charles River last weekend in the oldest regatta in the nation, the 81st annual Boston Dinghy Challenge Cup. There were 17 teams competing in three divisions, with nine races per division, and Tufts took sixth place overall. Harvard University’s team won the event with a score […]

Style Spotlight: Prea Bhandari

Prea Bhandari is a first-year who spoke with me about spiky shoes, hair dye and St. Thomas fashion. Parker Selman (PS): How would you describe your personal style? Prea Bhandari (PB): I guess I would describe it as gothic, but I change it up a lot depending on the day and what it’s like outside. […]

David Gregory discusses upcoming Tufts course, changing media landscape, political campaigns

David Gregory, the political journalist best known for his work on NBC’s “Meet the Press” (1947 – present)  and CNN’s New Day (2013 – present) will be teaching a political science course at Tufts next fall about the race to the White House in the modern media environment. He spoke with the Daily about his plans for […]