Jumbo Steps: It’s time you wash that shirt

I spent $13.50 on laundry yesterday, partly because I hadn’t washed my clothes in a while, but mainly because it’s about damn time I did. You see, I decided to launder the heap of dirty clothes growing slowly in the corner of my dorm room because, if I’m going to procrastinate on my homework, might […]

Environmental Studies Program to launch new minor program for the fall

A new six-course Environmental Studies (ENVS) minor on food and nutrition systems was approved last month for launch in the fall 2016 semester as part of the ENVS program, which currently includes the five-track ENVS major and the environmental science and policy minor offered to engineering students interested in environmental studies. According to ENVS Program Director Professor Colin Orians, the minor will focus on the importance […]

Planning beyond boundaries

America needs a new map prioritizing our urban regions. We are as strong as our weakest link, and our urban regions are weakened by municipal and state boundaries, forcing us to think small and plan small. Municipalities and states fight to attract businesses and fund transportation links. Resources are scarce and arguably even scarcer when regions aren’t thinking as a […]

Op-ed: Bernie should drop out for the sake of his revolution

There is tremendous power in the campaign that Bernie Sanders has run, and he’s absolutely right on a great many issues. He’s right that the American economy is rigged. He’s right that climate change is currently the greatest threat to the United States, yet our country has done little to nothing to fight it. He’s […]

Don’t you cry

Only four months in, I’ve encountered a serious contender for the best episode of television I’ll watch in 2016. This week, my world was rocked by a cinematic, heartbreaking script brought to life by two beautiful, extraordinary actors — each of them less than half my age. I don’t much care for kids on TV; young […]

Weird baseball

This past Sunday, my beloved New York Yankees lost a thoroughly uninteresting game to the Tampa Bay Rays. The loss dropped them into last place and saw their highest paid player exit with an injury. Sunday was also the best day of this young baseball season. If not in the Bronx, the thrilling games in […]

Tufts student Jeremy Slavitz prepares to release second game

Tufts Junior and Computer Science Major Jeremy Slavitz has been making video games for years, ever since a promotional giveaway exposed him to Apple’s App Store. Slavitz received an iPod Touch with his first Macbook, beginning his path in game development that has continued in college. “I was playing a lot of games on the […]

NYSD: Shortcomings

Rebecca:  This week, I went home for Passover and was reminded of my shortcomings. My mom sent me out to buy Coca-Cola. As I entered the supermarket, I realized that the sodas I needed were on the highest shelf, and the front layers of them were already taken. I knew that getting a Coke would […]

Editorial: Standardized testing and income inequality

In the age of Common Core, standardized testing has taken on a renewed sense of urgency. Success on the tests increasingly determines the rest of one’s path through education and opportunity. Even earlier on than the dreaded SAT, students who are deemed faster learners are separated into separate classrooms where they receive more challenging coursework and, […]

Tufts Black Alumni Association launches new demo website

The Tufts Black Alumni Association (TBAA) launched a demo of its new website at a Boston regional alumni event held in the Remis Sculpture Court last Friday.  TBAA President Biodun Kajopaiye (LA ’07) said the new website, developed by Tufts alumna Kristen Ransom (LA ’13), was created to make space for an “opportunities board” where alumni can make posts about job […]