Op-ed: Tufts janitors to renegotiate contract this spring

Imagine 105 people cleaning up after more than 7,000 students and faculty, keeping our whole campus clean every day — with only 21 percent of them working 40 hours per week. It sounds impossible to me, but that is what Vice-President of Operations Linda Snyder expects from janitors at Tufts, as outlined in her April 2015 op-ed […]

Op-ed: An open letter to President Monaco and the Board of Trustees

Dear President Monaco, Dean Glaser, Dean Qu and the Board of Trustees, We, the student leaders signed below, are writing to express our concern over the recent tuition hikes announced via the email titled, “2016-2017 Tuition Update,” sent to the undergraduate student body by Dean James Glaser and Dean Jianmin Qu on April 12, 2016. The […]

Jersey Over Apron: Youth Sports

With the popularity and heightened discussion around collegiate and professional athletics today, fans must use a critical eye to be able to give the necessary push back against sport’s interactions with society, specifically regarding sports’ negative connections with violence, corruption and of course, the various social inequalities. Throughout this column, I have largely focused on these broad […]

Editorial: TLC’s protest an admirable effort in standing up to university corporatization

The Tufts Labor Coalition (TLC), a group of students working closely with janitorial staff members and advocates, protested Jumbo Days last Friday, earning the group significant criticism on Yik Yak, in line with past criticisms of protesters. Posts on the infamously anonymous app accused the group of crossing the line by attacking the university in front of […]

Beyoncé turns lemons into visual epic ‘Lemonade’

“Ashes to ashes, dust to sidechicks.” Queen Bey is back, everybody. And we aren’t ready for what she’s brought us. Going into Saturday night, very little was known about “Lemonade,” Beyoncé’s hour-long HBO event that had been announced just a week earlier. The special’s mysterious trailer featured the pop icon whispering questions in her distinctive rasp over […]

Op-ed: Bernie Sanders’ single-payer plan doesn’t add up

Thanks to recent primary victories and an enormous shift in momentum, Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders is back in the race for the Democratic presidential nomination. However, Sanders has recently come under attack for one of his most important policy proposals: the implementation of a single-payer healthcare system. According to healthcare experts, Sanders is off on […]

Pop Filter: Sum of all fears

I used to be terrified of singing in front of people. When I was a choir kid in middle school, one of my greatest fears was that I would forget the words to my solo or choke on a high note in front of hundreds of people. After singing solos for audiences for almost a decade, […]

Alumnus Edward Dugger Jr. honored in plaque re-dedication ceremony

Edward Dugger Jr. (E ‘41), a record-setting track athlete and mechanical engineer, was honored by a crowd of 50 people last Friday evening in a ceremony co-hosted by the Africana Center and Athletes of Color. The ceremony was held as a re-dedication of the the plaque placed in the alumnus’ honor at the Ellis Oval complex. According to Africana Center […]

Visiting on the Hill

MONDAY “The Locket: Film Screening & Lecture by Prof. David Bordwell” Details: David Bordwell, the Jacques Ledoux Professor Emeritus of Film Studies at the University of Wisconsin–Madison, will give a lecture, “The Switcheroo Tradition: Narrative Innovations in 1940s Hollywood,” following a screening of John Brahm’s film, “The Locket” (1946). When and Where: 4:30 – 7:00 p.m., […]