TUTV Series ‘Pantheon University’ offers a novel take on Greek mythology

Long before the young adult craze took over bookstores and movie theaters, there was Greek mythology. Endowed with supernatural powers but still unmistakably human in their emotional volatility, gods like Zeus, Hera and Ares were in many ways the forerunners to more contemporary figures like Harry Potter, Bella Swan and Katniss Everdeen. While the youth of these […]

Enigma and the Tufts Daily Political Climates Survey shows little faith in the election process among students

Dean of Jonathan M. Tisch College of Civic Life Alan Solomont may as well have coined the term “civic life” at Tufts, as it relates to millennials and students in higher education. It’s a phrase that encompasses students engaging on a daily basis in political issues such as discourse and participation in voting, non-profit work and public service. Recently, […]

Video: Tufts Peace Action hosts open mic event

Tufts Peace Action hosted an open mic in Metcalf Hall on April 8. Videographer Hailey Gavin documented the event in this video. https://vimeo.com/163112192

Tufts men’s track and field dominates Silfen Invitational at Conn. College

The men’s track and field team appears to be reaching championship form at the right time after they took first place out of 17 schools at the Silfen Invitational, held at Conn. College on Friday and Saturday. The event is one of the final building blocks as the team gears up for the NESCAC Championships […]

Visiting on the Hill

TUESDAY “Environmental Justice 101 Panel Discussion” Details: Alicia Hunt, director of the Medford Department of Energy and Environment, will join members of the Tufts faculty on a panel addressing the intersection between environmental, social and political issues. This event is being held as a part of the Tufts Sustainability Collective’s Earth Fest. When and Where: 7:30 p.m., […]

Olivia Pope saves lackluster second-half of ‘Scandal’ season 5

The fifth season of ABC’s “Scandal” (2012 – present), one of the many brainchildren of creator and executive producer Shonda Rhimes, returned from its midseason hiatus on Feb. 11 with a less than stellar start. Following the promise of the season’s first nine episodes in which issues of abortion, divorce and race politics were tackled […]

Demons, space marines and metal: ‘DOOM’ multiplayer beta returns to series’ roots  

The first-person shooter — where players take command of, and see through the eyes of, a gun-toting protagonist — has been the granddaddy of video game genres for over 20 years. FPSs dominate various “game of the year” lists and a first-person shooter has, without fail, been the bestselling video game globally for at least the […]

PJ Harvey gets unapologetically political with ‘The Hope Six Demolition Project’

PJ Harvey has been quietly releasing some of the music industry’s bravest and most innovative albums over the past 20 years. Quiet is relative in this case, as critics laud each of her albums. Yet, compared to her 90s counterparts Radiohead and Björk, she is more or less ignored by the public. Perhaps it is […]

The Story of Stories: Who owns a story?

Maybe it’s just the kind of publications I subscribe to on Facebook (The Mary Sue, Bitch Magazine, all that necessary stuff), but my newsfeed this week was inundated with pure rage over the first image of the upcoming American adaptation of Ghost In the Shell, one of my favorite films of all time. Ghost in […]

Sprints highlight Saturday, distance lights up Friday in Silfen Invitational win

Over the weekend, the women’s track and field team traveled to Conn. College for the annual Silfen Invitational and looked dominant as it cruised to first place out of 19 teams at the event. The Tufts squad racked up 143.5 points over the two days of competition, handily beating out second-place Assumption College’s 95 points […]