NYSD: Café I want my ma-ni back

Last week, my friend Julie and I went to lunch at our favorite, no-frills restaurant. The restaurant is quite small, so we were seated at the bar; this was the first harbinger that something fishy was afoot. From our perch at the bar, I was able to see the workers preparing our food, without gloves. […]

Op-Ed: Gender, Politics and Partisanship

Gender is a thorny issue in this election cycle. For one, it’s the closest a woman in the United States has ever come to our highest public office. This achievement alone has underscored how far our country has come in terms of gender equality. Unfortunately, it’s also shed light on the frightening cries of retaliation […]

Editorial: Why you should care about added sugar

A month ago, the Daily reported that Tufts University Dining Services would be changing its nutrient information cards to include sugar content. For many students, this additional information will be irrelevant to their dietary choices. However, this change reflects new national dietary guidelines and on a larger scale the excessive amount of sugar consumed by […]

TCU candidates discuss platforms at forum event

Tufts Election Commission (ECOM) held the TCU Candidate’s Forum last night in Hotung Café to provide a speaking platform for candidates running for positions on the TCU Judiciary and class of 2019 Senate positions. The forum came ahead of today’s TCU elections, where students can vote for Judiciary and Senate positions all day using their Student Information System (SIS) accounts. ECOM also posted a […]

The ABC’s of Literature: Melina Marchetta

It’s the rare author who manages to switch between genres, going from witches and wizards to the everyday dilemmas of a modern family. Most find the genre in which they’re most comfortable and stick to it, carefully staking out a path and wearing it down until it’s a well-beaten track. But some authors manage to […]

Jersey Over Apron: Virtual fan experience

The sporting fan experience today is something that’s incredibly varied. Whether it be enjoying a youth soccer game from a lawn chair, a collegiate football game from crowded bleachers, or catching a glimpse of your favorite with binoculars from coveted nosebleed seats, being at a sporting event has greatly changed from its original traditions. The hyper-reality […]

Police Briefs — April 12

Stolen Belongings Tufts University Police Department (TUPD) received a report of stolen belongings from the Steve Tisch Sports and Fitness Center at 3 p.m. on April 4. A person left her jacket in a cubby in the fitness center while exercising and discovered that her keys were missing from her jacket pocket when she returned. A police report was filed […]

Campus Comment: Spring Fling reactions

“I’m still going to go. I’ve done crazier things on weekdays, so a Sunday isn’t a big deal.” Thomas Coons, ’19 “I think people should be grateful that Tufts even puts on a concert. Our tuition is for paying for education, not for concerts, so people should stop complaining.” Tyler Klein, ’19 “I wasn’t super excited, […]