Top 10 totally unrealistic Spring Fling headliner suggestions

Last week, BØRNS revealed via an inadvertent leak on his Facebook page that he would be performing at Spring Fling on May 1. It remains unclear whether the indie pop artist of Hulu commercial fame will be headlining this year, and since the announcement, speculation about other potential headliners has run rampant. Assuming the name has […]

Shrouded in mystery, dvsn delivers a beautiful debut with ‘Sept. 5th’

On September 5, 2015, then-unknown R&B artist dvsn (pronounced “division”) released two songs, “The Line” and “With Me,” to the popular music streaming website SoundCloud. Fast forward to this spring, when dvsn has released its aptly-titled debut album “Sept. 5th” — exclusively on Apple Music on March 27 and elsewhere on April 1 — through OVO (October’s Very […]

The Story of Stories: Attack of the personal narrative

Because I continuously guilt myself into being a good Catholic, I actually did give something up for Lent this year. And, well, it’s the same thing I’ve given up every year since entering college: social media. Now, before you groan and close the window in which you’re reading this, let me just make one thing […]

Earth On Fire: Follow the money

Tensions flared between former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and a Greenpeace activist at a campaign rally last week. The paid organizer, Eva Resnick-Day, pressed Secretary Clinton to “act on your words and reject fossil fuel money in the future in your campaign.” Suffice it to say, the secretary did not react kindly to this […]

‘Zootopia’ provides humor, heart, social commentary — something for everybunny

Sometimes the hidden meanings in allegories are subtle and so expertly woven into the story that you barely even pick up on the message being presented to you. This was not the case in “Zooptopia.” There was nothing subtle about the delivery of its social commentary. Maybe it would go over a child’s head (as […]

TCU Senate reconvenes following spring break

The Tufts Community Union (TCU) Senate met last night to discuss several supplementary funding requests and committee updates. TCU President Brian Tesser opened the meeting by discussing the Senate ad-hoc housing committee’s effort to gather student input and submit it to the university’s Residential Strategies Working Group (RSWG). He then spoke briefly about Spring Fling, noting that logistics for […]

Op-ed: President Obama’s gas tax plan deserves attention

President Obama’s new budget proposal includes a $10 fee on oil, a thinly veiled tax that would generate money for investment in smart infrastructure, green technology and sustainable practices. The fee will be immediately paid by oil companies, but likely passed on to consumers in the form of higher gas prices. With petroleum plummeting in […]

Golf opens spring season with a 12th finish in rain-shortened tournament

With their first event since October, the Jumbos kicked off their spring season by finishing 12th out of 16 teams at Friday’s Rhode Island College Invitational. The event was cut in half due to rain on Saturday, but Tufts’ four best scorers totaled a 337, which tied the team with Roger Williams. Tufts sophomore Aaron Corn led with […]

Jersey Over Apron: Lowering the rim lowers the game

Sports have always been a male-dominated enterprise. From the beginnings of sports, male bodies have always been considered to be the pinnacle of athletic accomplishment. Male athletes then and now are typically valued based on stereotypically masculine attributes like physicality, toughness and having a natural competitive edge. This masculine gaze has provided the framework for […]

Editorial: On campus mental health and well-being

Pressure on middle and high school students in the United States has rarely been so intense. Last week, The Atlantic magazine ran a story titled “The Absurdity of College Admissions,” detailing the duress and competitiveness that characterizes the mental state of students. The anecdotes weren’t pretty. The American College Health Association reported in 2014 that nearly […]