Letter from the Editor

To members of the Tufts community, On Mar. 11, the Tufts Daily published the news article “At least four sexual misconduct cases occur in uphill dorms over one weekend.” The story detailed four different incidents that had allegedly occurred in on-campus dorms within residential Area 1 and Area 2 regions of the university. Following the publication […]

The Story of Stories: Selling Realities

When I decided to major in English, everyone and their mother (and father, sister, brother, dog) was quick to tell me there is no work out there for anyone studying literature. A common suggestion I’ve gotten is advertising, although to be fair, it’s still not really the line of work I’m interested in. Advertisers don’t […]

‘House of Cards’ maintains quality in fourth season

Writer’s note: While we have tried to keep this review as spoiler free as possible, if you’re determined to stay pure, we suggest that you get caught up with seasons one through three of “House of Cards” (2013 – present) before reading this review. Netflix’s flagship original series, the political drama “House of Cards,” returned […]

Infectious disease physician, Tufts alumna honored at 2016 Fletcher Women’s Leadership Award ceremony

Nahid Bhadelia (J ’99, F ’04, M ’05) was honored at the third Fletcher Women’s Leadership Award Ceremony on Friday, March 11, for her efforts as a physician during the Ebola crisis in Sierra Leone.  The honor is awarded annually to an alumna of the Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy who demonstrates leadership and makes a meaningful impact in the […]

Swimming, diving teams look to make a Jumbo mark on NCAA Championships

Six Jumbo swimmers and divers — four from the men’s team and two from the women’s — travel to Greensboro, N.C. today to compete in this weekend’s NCAA Div. III Swimming and Diving Championships, beginning tomorrow and continuing through Saturday. First-years Kingsley Bowen and Colleen Doolan, juniors Amanda Gottschalk and Matt Rohrer, and senior tri-captain Michael […]

Men’s basketball surges to first-ever Elite Eight matchup but falls to Amherst

Tufts men’s basketball ended a historic NCAA run Saturday night with a tough loss to NESCAC rival Amherst in an Elite Eight matchup at Cousens Gym. With a pair of close wins to open the NCAA tournament last weekend in the first NCAA games the men’s team has ever hosted at Cousens, the Jumbos made it to […]

‘Flaked’ gets cold feet, squanders potential

Put it this way — if Starbucks decided that it was going to discontinue its longstanding practice of playing mellow, atmospheric indie music and start screening a TV show instead, that show would look a lot like “Flaked” (2016). Netflix’s most recent release has all the hallmarks of warm indie pop: it’s sun-dappled, listless, offensively […]

Jersey Over Apron: Why Tufts?

“Why Tufts?” That essay prompt is what brought me to Medford/Somerville. It’s the prompt that countless current members of the Class of 2016 had to answer through the Common App to seal our deal into Tufts. Even though I’ve been asked that several times I’ve never really had a concise answer. My response usually covered […]

Despite strengths, ’10 Cloverfield Lane’ suffers from major blind spot

“This drastic, clean-cut deprivation and our complete ignorance of what the future held in store had taken us unawares; we were unable to react against the mute appeal of presences, still so near and already so far, which haunted us daylong.” — Albert Camus, “The Plague” Albert Camus’ words, written in 1947, could be addressing both the […]