Tufts students take to the polls on Super Tuesday

Students who are registered to vote in the state of Massachusetts headed to the polls yesterday to cast their ballots in the state’s primary election. Massachusetts was one of 13 states and one territory to hold primaries and caucuses on the day known as “Super Tuesday.” In Massachusetts, former Secretary of State and New York Senator Hillary Clinton (D) won the […]

Tufts alumnus and Iranian-American detained without charges since last October

“This is a nightmare I can’t describe.” These are the words the mother of Tufts alumnus and Iranian-American businessman Siamak Namazi (A ’93), who was detained and arrested by the Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) without any public charges last October, wrote last week. Siamak is estimated to have been in detention for over 130 days, where he […]

Chris Rock’s Oscar monologue offers biting humor, incisive social commentary

With the controversy over the lack of black Academy Award nominees reaching a fever pitch in the past couple of weeks, Chris Rock’s host was an unknown quantity. Expectations for his opening monologue, which promised to be a brutal, unsparing take on the pressing #OscarsSoWhite issue, were running high. He didn’t disappoint. From his first joke, which […]

Bridge the Gap: Joint Development

The Green Line Extension, which theoretically would reach our campus at the College Avenue and Boston Avenue intersection, may not be built. Unlike the Green Line elsewhere, this section would be built alongside the existing commuter rail tracks, separated from the roads, so it would be faster and more convenient. And our campus would have […]

Editorial: The cost of study abroad

Globalization has a history of hundreds of years but has in the last two ramped up drastically. Settler-colonial empires, international organizations and transnational companies have all impacted the way that people worldwide perceive and engage with their global peers. Some nations fight for limited resources in an unequal world, while others profit immensely from cosmopolitan language […]

Screen Time: Monsters next door

Sometimes, TV can be a bit like pizza. Bear with me here. Everyone likes it. But, really, have you ever met anyone who likes exactly what you like? For exactly the same reasons? No, which gives rise to one mutually applicable cardinal rule: don’t yuck someone else’s yum. This week, I’m letting you in on […]

More mature yet equally charming, ‘Girls’ season 5 is worth watching

Once controversial, “Girls” (2012 – present) has now become a veteran show that is mostly forgotten by mainstream audiences. After surviving diversity criticisms, anti-feminist prejudice and hysteria towards Lena Dunham after the release of her book, the show is not garnering the attention it received two years ago. Whether you are a fan or not, […]

The 1975 evolve on long but rewarding sophomore LP

Back in 2013, British pop band The 1975 burst on to the music scene with its debut self-titled album. The record, to say the least, polarized critics leaving some to appreciate the group’s pop proclivities and others to denounce them as just another pompous boy band. Failing to garner true critical or commercial success, The […]

Harrison’s stellar season continues in leading Jumbos at Open New Englands

Over the weekend, a few athletes on the women’s track and field team traveled to Boston University (BU) for the annual NEICAAA New England Championships, otherwise known as Open New Englands, where Tufts finished 19th overall out of 32 teams. The meet features competition at the Div. I, II and III levels from all over New […]