ACE Fellow program expands, redefines role on campus

The Academic and Community Engagement (ACE) Fellow program will expand the number of fellows from seven to 10 for the next academic year. This program, which places student leaders in residence halls to offer academic and social guidance to first-years, will also shift its approach to focusing on helping first-year students transition to Tufts. The program accepted its fellows for the 2016-2017 academic […]

The ABC’s of Literature: P.G. Wodehouse

Making a reader cry is often surprisingly easy. Combine a pair of star-crossed lovers, make sure that at least one of them has an incurable and fatal disease, add in a few poignant speeches that people can put on posters and tattoos, stack misfortune on top of misfortune and watch the tears flow (and I […]

The Story of Stories: The visual barrier

I don’t cry when I watch films. In my teen years, I thought that there was something wrong with me — that I was missing the empathy bone and I was resigned to a life of possible sociopathy. My friends and I would watch some romance movie, and they would cry when one of the […]

Jersey Over Apron: The power of sports

If you’re reading this, you probably like sports. Whether you’ve played them, are a die-hard fan or maybe just a casual observer, sports most likely brought you here. Anyone who has read, watched or talked about sports has heard the cliché that sports are anything but just a game. Within the foundation of this cliché […]

On Super Tuesday, vote for America

Once again, it is that time of year. Today is Super Tuesday, and it is justifiably called so. On this day, residents of Massachusetts, 11 other states and one U.S. territory cast their votes in the Presidential Primary Elections. In total, over 40 percent of the Democratic Party’s delegates are up for grabs and 25 percent […]

Op-ed: Why Hillary?

By now, we’re sure you have seen the media coverage — both positive and negative — on the woman we hope will be inaugurated as our next president, but how much do you know about her and her supporters? Though you may be a strong Hillary supporter, you may still be undecided or supporting Bernie […]

Police Briefs: March 1

Stolen Jacket Theft A student called the Tufts University Police Department (TUPD) at 5 p.m. on Feb. 18 to report that her 3/4 length black Canada Goose jacket with a fur hood had been stolen the previous night when she was at an off-campus event. Her house keys, iPhone and wallet were in the jacket pockets. […]

Earth on Fire: Choosing a climate champion

Political pundits say it every four years, but this time they’re right the stakes of this November’s presidential election could not be higher. The next president will oversee our country’s strategy in the fight against ISIS, confront stubbornly high economic inequality and leave an indelible mark on the federal judicial system. In a previous column, […]

Saloon demystifies the hipster bar scene

Davis Square is chock-full of fantastic places to eat, and the dining scene is dynamic, with new establishments popping up in storefronts around the area fairly regularly. Long-established Johnny D’s is singing its swan song, Meju is now well past its first year and seems perennially packed and Yumi is a young upstart in the neighborhood. […]