The myth of college exploration

There are certain tidbits of advice that we hear repeated from a variety of different people we encounter. As soon as I reached college age, there was one recommendation that I heard so frequently that it became a truth rather than a suggestion, and I was determined to listen. After the university I attend came […]

Tufts senior completes 1,650-mile bike ride for charity

This article is the first of two in a series about students pursuing charity work.  “Day 28: Casualty: one inner tube, one tailbone. Gains: more suffering under the belt.” That is how senior Zhuangchen “JJ” Zhou wrote about his 28-day bicycle ride of 1,650 miles down from Boston, Mass. to Orlando, Fla. in his blog. Initially started as an exercise […]

In third season, ‘Brooklyn Nine-Nine’ squanders opportunities for character development

Fox’s “Brooklyn Nine-Nine” premiered in 2013 to solid reviews and success at the Golden Globes but has done little more than plug along since. Somewhere along the line, “Nine-Nine” became a comedy procedural: serviceable and at times genuinely funny but certainly not must-see TV. Viewers can expect a weekly case and goofy shenanigans undertaken in […]

Pop Filter: Requiem for a Nightmare

Sometimes I get a flash of inspiration at three in the morning, and I can’t stop myself from punching note after note into the software until what I hear through my earphones matches what’s emanating from the overflowing file cabinets of my imagination. A few finely-crafted measures later, the roosters are crowing in harmony with […]

‘1984’ comes to life at American Repertory Theater

The tragedy in San Bernardino has reignited the debate over the extent of privacy Americans are entitled to in their digital lives. While Apple refuses to assist in cracking open the gunman’s iPhone, the company’s transition on this matter from the paragon of information gathering to the defender of privacy shows how times have changed. […]

Kanye West’s newest album, ‘The Life of Pablo,’ is a gripping, yet inconsistent triumph

The release of Kanye West’s seventh studio album, “The Life of Pablo,” has been mired in uncertainty ever since its initial announcement on March 1 last year. Dubbed a “gospel” album by West, “The Life of Pablo” went through many  titles, including “So Help Me God,” “Swish” and “Waves.” This ambiguity surrounding a Kanye release […]

Pausing of minor programs reveals need for increased cross-registration

The Tufts Daily recently broke the news that minor programs in cognitive and brain sciences (CBS) and linguistics, which are housed under the philosophy department, have been paused for an undetermined amount of time. According to the decision, students who declared the minor before Dec. 15, 2015 are permitted to continue their studies. New enrollment has […]

Equestrian team trots to top spot

After posting a strong record for the fall semester, the equestrian team is looking ahead to its first competition of 2016 as the team hopes to ride its way back to nationals in May. The team, currently sitting in the top spot in its region with a comfortable 19-point margin over the second place Stonehill College, is set to compete […]

On the Spot: Why Tottenham can win the League

Four years ago, a controversial Mario Balotelli goal derailed Spurs’ momentum. Last weekend, they banished those memories and are marching on. I was holding back on this column until they beat Manchester City. Their victory at the Etihad Stadium last weekend required a bit of luck, but they were very much a Mauricio Pochettino side — […]