Tufts stumbles early but recovers with two victories in consolation matches

Though the Jumbos were unable to advance to the winner’s bracket of the NESCAC Championship this past weekend, they found a silver lining in the tournament. No. 24 Tufts fell to No. 18 Bates on Friday but bounced back Saturday to record victories in its consolation matches against Wesleyan and Conn. College with 5-4 and 8-1 wins respectively. Though Tufts came out […]

Tufts Fencing Succeeds at Smith Fencing Conference

The women’s fencing team had a successful meet on Saturday, defeating five different teams at the third Northeast Fencing Conference meet of the season, hosted by Smith College. Tufts beat Wellesley University 18-9, Boston University (BU) 24-3, the University of New Hampshire (UNH) 23-4, the University of Massachusetts (UMass) 17-10 and Smith College 18-9. The only setback Tufts suffered on the […]

Leicester City and the Decline of the Premier League Hierarchy

If I had told a Leicester City fan at the beginning of the season that they would be staying in the Premier League at the end of the year, they would have been more than satisfied. After all, but for a historic relegation escape where they accumulated more points in their final nine games than […]

Student coalition awaits faculty vote on Indigenous People’s Day

Tufts Community Union (TCU) Senate has twice passed a resolution to replace Columbus Day with Indigenous People’s Day on all Arts and Sciences and Engineering (AS&E) academic calendars, but the institution of this change remains up to vote by the entire faculty voting body in March. The first resolution was passed on Sept. 28, 2014 but was voted […]

Oscar’s Best Animated Short Film nominations strengthen claim of animation as a distinct medium

“Best Animated Short Film” is one of the oldest categories of the Academy Awards, given by the organization every year since 1932. It is also arguably one of the most ignored. There are many reasons underlying the lack of attention the category has received, but primarily it is due to the fact that the public has […]

Fox finds success with impressive performance of ‘Grease: Live’

“Grease: Live,” had me a blast, “Grease: Live” happened so fast! With NBC serving up several live TV musicals over the past several years, including “The Sound of Music” in 2013 and “The Wiz” in 2015, Fox decided to get into the game with its own version of “Grease.” Impossible to “hate-watch,” as viewers have […]

Friends, Romans, countrymen: ‘Hail, Caesar’ is missable

“Hail, Caesar,” released on Feb. 5, takes a pretty dim view of Tinseltown. This is hardly surprising; the Coen brothers, who directed it, have a well-documented contempt for Hollywood, expressed both in interviews and in previous efforts like “Barton Fink.”(1991) But modern Hollywood, widely seen as a cesspool of reckless hedonism and narcissistic entitlement, is […]

Screen Time: Pilot

I’m at my grandfather’s old flat tucked within a sprawling hospital complex in the heart of Chennai. It’s 3 a.m., and everyone else has kicked their jetlag and figured out how to sleep through the air conditioner, which keeps things at a balmy 5ºC. I’m GChatting a friend stateside about how bored I am when […]

Flashes of Brilliance: Curry, for 3

Basketball is a game that demands a degree of physical dominance of its transcendent players. The enduring memory of Shaquille O’Neal, a dominant force in the NBA for many years, is a dunk of intense ferocity. For Michael Jordan, the image that sticks in the mind is his effortless glide from the free throw line […]