Despite time jump, not much has changed on ‘Pretty Little Liars’

“Pretty Little Liars” (2010 – present) is the kind of show casual observers of pop culture think went off the air years ago. Frankly, it’s remarkable that after five seasons of increasingly absurd and hard-to-follow plotlines the show has enough steam to keep going. And yet, somehow, it appears there are still stories to be told […]

Dr. Carla Martin discusses politics of chocolate

Tufts Culinary Society hosted Dr. Carla Martin who offered a presentation titled “Chocolate, Culture and the Politics of Food” and chocolate samples in Pearson Hall last night. Martin is the founder and executive director of the Fine Cacao and Chocolate Institute and a lecturer in the department of African and African American studies at Harvard University. President […]

Tufts Armenian Club participates in national protest against denial of Armenian Genocide

Several protestors from the Tufts Armenian Club participated in a national “Stain of Denial” protest in the Mayer Campus Center yesterday afternoon to urge recognition of the Armenian Genocide. During the two-hour long protest, students displayed posters with expressions such as “Stop Genocide Denial” and “Recognize the Genocide.” The protestors also distributed information sheets describing the genocide […]

Artoun holds audience spellbound at Winter Hypnosis Show

In 1969, Jimi Hendrix wowed audiences at Woodstock with his poignant and pointed rendition of the national anthem. On the evening of Jan. 28, a student delivered his own take on the song – which boasted “Hodor,” a fictional character in “Game of Thrones,” as its repeated and only lyric – to an audience in Distler […]

Inside the NBA | All-Star Game Selections

With the NBA season heading into February, the All-Star Game is quickly approaching and rosters for both the Western and Eastern Conferences have already been released. The Daily enters the fray with its own picks for the all-star teams, each with five starters, two guards and three forwards, along with seven bench players consisting of two guards, three […]

‘Duelyst’ could be the ‘Hearthstone’ competitor we’ve been waiting for

“Hearthstone” (2014) has run virtually unopposed in the casual CCG (collectible card game) genre since its release, with primary competitors like “Magic: The Gathering” (1993 – present) being far less accessible due to its steeper learning curve and a visually-uninspired video game version. Now that Hearthstone’s barriers to entry have risen substantially, the time is […]

Rihanna dares to be an ‘ANTI’ pop star on long-delayed eighth studio album

The road to Rihanna’s “ANTI” (2016), released Jan. 28, has been long and arduous for even the most devoted members of the Navy. For the uninitiated, the Navy is the loyal fan base of the 27-year-old Barbadian beauty, although the excruciating three-year wait since her last studio album “Unapologetic” (2012) left some of its members — […]

Carolina Panthers and Denver Broncos to duke it out in Super Bowl 50

It’s T-minus two days now until the kickoff of what could be the most-watched event in American history, so gather your chips, dip and beer, and turn your brains off to enjoy the spectacle that celebrates the pinnacle of masculinity—and no, we’re not talking about a Republican presidential debate here. The Super Bowl kicks off Sunday evening, […]

Tufts sports teams look ahead to weekend games

The winter sports season is nearing the end for most teams, and that means NESCAC Championships and the postseason is coming up. The Daily is here to give you a rundown of how your favorite teams are doing and where they are playing this weekend. The men’s basketball team enters the most important weekend of its season thus […]