Tufts issues ban on hoverboards over fire safety concerns

Tufts has banned the usage, storage and charging of hoverboards on all three university campuses following a Jan. 12 email announcement to the Tufts community. According to University Fire Marshal John Walsh, who authored the email along with Associate General Counsel Akiyo Fujii and University Risk Manager Bret Murray, the ban was implemented strictly because of concerns over fire safety hazards. […]

‘Spring Awakening’ revival provides new opportunities for diverse representation, features rising star Austin McKenzie

Spring Awakening Reimagined Deaf West’s revival of “Spring Awakening” is an unlikely twist on a modern classic with an even more unlikely star. Set in 1890s Germany, “Spring Awakening,” which opened for the first time on Broadway in 2006, documents the life of a group of adolescents in a small town grappling with coming of age. The […]

Netflix officially confirms long-rumored ‘Gilmore Girls’ revival

It’s official — Lorelai (Lauren Graham) and Rory (Alexis Bledel) Gilmore will once again be gracing television (and computer) screens nationwide. Fans got official confirmation on Jan. 29 that the “Gilmore Girls” (2000-2007) revival would indeed air on Netflix in four 90-minute installments. Filming for the show commenced on Tuesday. Importantly for many fans, series creator Amy […]

Jumbos bring win streak to 13 with pair of victories

The 18-2 Jumbos moved up to No. 8 nationally, following a series of strong performances capped off by Tuesday’s 60-41 win over the 5-13 Rhode Island College (RIC) Anchormen. The victory was their 13th in a row, continuing a streak that started on Dec. 29, 2015 at Baruch College. With the exception of a close […]

Tufts Symphony Orchestra performs series of concerts in Austria

On the afternoon of Jan. 14, a bus full of Tufts musicians pulled up to the Goldenes Theater Hotel in Salzburg, Austria. I was exhausted after a seven-hour flight, but there was scarcely time for a nap – the Tufts Symphony Orchestra (TSO) tour of Austria was off to a busy start. Jetlagged and lightheaded, I […]

Jumbos start winning streak before match-ups against NESCAC leaders

Coming off of a close win at Connecticut College, the team secured three consecutive double-digit wins ahead of this weekend, when they will face the only two teams ahead of them in the NESCAC standings. Tufts beat Newbury (2-18) away last Thursday to give Coach Bob Sheldon his 400th victory, only the 10th active coach in New England history […]

Ending Saudi Arabia’s Impunity

Saudi Arabia has violated human rights both inside and outside of its borders. As the wars in Yemen and Syria continue and instability in the Middle East pervades and worsens, we must come to recognize that the House of Saud, along with the United States, is one of the culprits. Recent problems with the punishment of […]

Before Sanctioning – Can We Talk?

I often disagree with the American policy, especially toward the Middle East. Sometimes, I believe the American administration acts counter to its own interests, as well as to Israeli interests. For that reason, I am constantly criticizing American policy decisions. Nonetheless, I have never stopped my intellectual efforts to comprehend the drivers behind the American […]

Unpaid internships worsen inequality of opportunity

It is that time of year again. As students plow through the spring semester, clouds of anxiety regarding summer plans loom in the air. It is the season of applications, interviews, networking and shameless self-promotion. The annual hunt for summer opportunities is a grueling and competitive process. As such, career-hungry college students expand their search to include unpaid internships for the sake of […]

An Uneasy Alliance

The Danes are all the rage. For more than a decade, Denmark and its fellow Northern European countries have been upheld as the standard bearers of democracy, countries that consistently place among the world’s leaders in education, employment and citizen happiness. During this election’s debate cycle, Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders has repeatedly cited Denmark as […]