3Ps fall major play ‘Defying Gravity’ focuses on the wonder of space, life itself

When the curtain parts, men and women dressed in clothing from the late-eighties walk around quietly, staring at Claude Monet’s paintings while a piano plays slowly in the background. Monet, played by senior Ed Rosini, begins a monologue as the viewers gather around a single painting. He talks about life and the final moments before death, […]

#thethreepercent Update

Leaders of Wednesday’s march to Porter Square, organized under the name of #thethreepercent, released a more detailed version of their demands of the Tufts administration yesterday. The demands, which were first announced in the Mayer Campus Center during the demonstration, include increasing the number of Black-identifying students and faculty at Tufts, improving the quality of mental health services provided […]

Department of Romance Languages approves Portuguese minor, addresses declines in enrollment

Faculty in the Department of Romance Languages approved a new Portuguese minor on Wednesday amid declining student interest in the department as a whole. The Portuguese minor, which will become available for students next semester, may help maintain enrollment in Portuguese courses, according to Portuguese coordinator Cristiane Soares. A March 2014 survey cited in the Portuguese minor proposal, provided to the […]