UCSD professor speaks on campus about race, intersectionality

Professor Fatima El-Tayeb of University of California at San Diego gave a lecture on the intersectionality of race, religion and sexuality, as well as the persistence of racism in Europe, at the Interfaith Center Tuesday evening. The Nov. 17 lecture, titled “Queer Life of Diaspora,” was hosted by the Consortium of Studies for Race, Colonialism and Diaspora (CSRD) and the […]

Experience will be key to Tufts’ success this season

Of the 13 years that coach Carla Berube has led the Tufts women’s basketball team, the 2014-15 season may have been the most decorated. Back-to-back NESCAC championships, back-to-back NCAA Div. III semifinal appearances, the United States Marine Corps/Women’s Basketball Coaches Association (WBCA) NCAA Div. III National Coach of the Year award and a second consecutive […]

Bieber finds ‘Purpose’ on fourth studio album

Two years of constant scandal had greatly damaged Justin Bieber’s reputation and, in an industry where entire careers are built upon the ability of an artist to maintain goodwill with the public, it appeared that Bieber had long exhausted whatever favor he might have once enjoyed. After all, the Canadian pop star has never done much to endear […]

Read between the lines

Someone asked me this week if NYSD was just Rebecca and me talking about our personal lives and whether that is considered an “advice” column. To this, my response was…obviously. Yes, Rebecca and I do primarily talk about ourselves, but what better way to get advice? A large part of advice is learning what NOT […]

Africana symposium to be held on Friday with panels, workshops

The second annual workshop of the Consortium of Studies in Race, Colonialism, and Diaspora (RCD) will be a symposium titled “Social Movements and the Black Intellectual Tradition” tomorrow afternoon at Breed Memorial Hall at 51 Winthrop St. The Africana symposium, which will run from 1:30 p.m. to 7:30 p.m., is a collaborative effort between the Africana Studies program and the Center for […]

Novelist Sommer Nectarhoff prepares for release of latest publication

Senior English major Sommer Nectarhoff has published 14 novels, of roughly 200 pages each, since May 2014. This impressive body of work speaks to an unwavering dedication to his craft (Nectarhoff often writes for 12 hours a day when not in school), but unlike many aspiring writers, Nectarhoff discovered his passion for the written word relatively late. “I went […]