New Effective Altruism chapter guides students in creating positive change

Approximately 20 Tufts students have become regular members of the newly established campus chapter of Effective Altruism, a social and philosophical movement aimed at improving the world. According to Tufts’ Effective Altruism chapter co-founder Dillon Bowen, the movement is a “new and better way of doing good.” “It’s about improving the lives of as many people as we possibly can, by […]

Interfraternity Council to launch new Risk Management Assistance Team

The Interfraternity Council (IFC) will be launching a new Risk Management Assistance Team (RMAT) this Saturday in order to help make all IFC-regulated fraternity events safer for members of the Tufts community. According to IFC President Rob Jacobson, who is heading the initiative, members of the RMAT team will be volunteers from Greek organizations who will act as sober-monitors at […]

Tufts makes NCAA Tournament, looks to defend national title

Tufts’ fate was in the hands of the selection committee as the team sat and watched the selection show on Monday for the Div. III national tournament. The Jumbos were fighting for one of 19 at-large bids for the tournament and were hoping that their resume was good enough to receive one, even though they knew that they […]

Jumbos 2015 season one of hope, disappointment

Expectations were sky-high for the Men’s A team of the Tufts University Football Club (TUFC) after a 2014 season that saw the group become the only Div. III school to advance to the National Tournament in Memphis, Tenn. This year, the team was unable to replicate that success and fell short of a return trip […]

Beach Slang showcases youthful punk rock on debut album

There is a plethora of modern punk rock bands with angsty, nostalgic angles, still reminiscing on their childhood and making music with sad wails and uninspiring guitar chords. The 1990s were fun and crazy for sure, but that mantra can get tiring. Beach Slang, a newly formed outfit from Philadelphia, Penn., is distinct in its ability to channel that […]

Caught in Cambria

Rebecca: I hate change. Not in an unhealthy way, but in a crotchety, obstinate, “I refuse to update anything way.” I live under the theory of “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.” I especially feel this way about technology. I was using iOS 5.1 until last semester. As I am writing this intro, I […]

Let’s make transportation great again

The state of our nation’s infrastructure is worsening, and it’s happening quickly. However, the subject is nowhere to be found on the largest stage for public education and awareness: the presidential race. While topics like immigration and tax reform are extensively covered by the presidential candidates, many equally or even more critical issues, like infrastructure […]

Week 10

With the season now officially halfway through, I think it’s time to recognize some of the most impressive mistakes of the season. First and foremost, I’d like to give the midseason award for worst play to the Indianapolis Colts and their fake punt. For anyone who has yet to see the utter atrocity that was […]

The evolution of Bond and the end of an era

26 movies, 12 novels, two short story collections, one television series and eight different actors over six decades — this is the history in numbers of the James Bond franchise. The latest installment, “Spectre,” opened last weekend with Daniel Craig starring, for the fourth time, as the dapper British spy with a license to kill. Craig, who has held the part of 007 […]

‘Spectre’ pales against Craig’s earlier Bond films

How do you keep a franchise fresh after 52 years? That was the question facing the team behind  “Spectre,” released Nov. 6, as it began production of the twenty fourth official film in the series. Everyone understood that following the critical and commercial success of “Skyfall” (2012) was never going to be easy. Possibly completing Daniel Craig’s arc as […]