Honorary degree, children’s media award revoked from Bill Cosby

The university has withdrawn an honorary degree and children’s media award from former stand-up comedian Bill Cosby, following revelations this summer that Cosby admitted in 2005 court documents that he gave drugs to women with whom he wanted to have sex. In an email to the Tufts community yesterday, University President Anthony Monaco announced that the Tufts Board of Trustees revoked […]

‘Reign’ premieres with new characters, old drama

“Reign” (2013-present) returned for its third season last Friday, satisfying its patiently waiting fans. The series documents the lives of power couple Mary Queen of Scots (Adelaide Kane) and France’s King Francis (Toby Regbo), who are striving to maintain their crowns. The word “documents” is used loosely here, as the show constantly features clothing that looks like […]

Student initiative pushes for tobacco-free campus

The Daily published an editorial last April arguing against banning smoking on campus on the grounds that it would infringe upon the right to smoke. The piece quickly sparked debate among community members, generating over 30 comments on the article online. While Tufts declares itself “smoke-free,” the Tufts Tobacco-Free Initiative, a student-run organization under the Tufts Peer Health […]

Media coverage of shootings sensationalizes, encourages violence

Though it’s only been 13 days since the start of the month, three on-campus shootings have already made national news during October 2015. Ten people died during an attack that took place at Umpqua Community College on Oct. 1, and two more people were killed on Oct. 9 in separate attacks at Northern Arizona University and […]

Remembering anachronisms

My historical education in many of the Latin American countries where I’ve lived focused on pre-Columbian Latin America and its colonization until I attended the sixth grade world culture class in Bogota, Colombia.  In primary school in El Salvador, I painted pictures (and stuck cotton balls to the sails) of La Niña, La Pinta and La Santa […]

‘Star Wars: Battlefront Beta’ a cinematic blast, content flop

“Star Wars: Battlefront” — from Swedish video game developer DICE — as experienced in the recent open beta (the official release date is in November), is a massive, gleaming chunk of pyrite in the gold mine of “Star Wars” games from the past decade — not because it’s a bad game or because it’s not fun, but […]

Tufts impresses at Wallach Invitational

While the rest of the Tufts student body was cheering on other athletic teams at homecoming this past weekend, the men’s tennis team traveled to Bates to compete at the Wallach Invitational. Tufts boasted seven singles and doubles semi-finalists, with first-year Chris Jones making it all the way to the D singles final before losing 6-2, […]

Tufts in our Community: Symbiosis or Cancer?

An Open Letter to Tufts University President Anthony Monaco and the Board of Trustees At its best, Tufts University contributes to its Somerville and Medford host communities by opening events and exhibits to the public, hosting the annual Community Day, permitting use of some facilities to local groups, allowing residents to audit one class a […]

Tufts Debate Society members win Yale IV debate tournament

Members of the Tufts Debate Society won the Yale Inter-Varsity (IV) Debate Tournament, held at Yale University in New Haven, Conn. on Oct. 4. Two other members also reached the final round of the Harvard American Parliamentary Debate Association (APDA) Tournament last weekend. First-years John Goulandris and Suntiparp Somsak placed first among the 40 novice […]