Scottish folk legend Archie Fisher to play in Somerville, promoting new album

Unbeknownst to most local college students and non-oldie-lovers, a Scottish folk legend, Archie Fisher, will be making an appearance in Somerville tonight (Oct. 7) at the nearby Burren. While the youth of this generation have probably never heard Fisher’s name, it turns out that he’s actually a pretty big deal across the pond. An important figure […]

Becoming a girl

My descent into girlhood was a confusing process. At 11, I realized that I had budding breasts and tried to rub them off. My parents watched, cackling at the sight of me rolling on the ground. They didn’t see the severity of what this meant, but I knew. It would seal my fate as a […]

Albums that should get the Ryan Adams ‘1989’ treatment

On Sept. 21, Ryan Adams released a track-by-track cover album of Taylor Swift’s “1989” (2014) that reimagined the record through Adams’ perspective. It was — in short — incredible. Hearing the songs in a different light was a jolting and rewarding experience as a pop fan and is a trend that I definitely hope continues. Here […]

Heroes and Zeroes of the Weekend

Here are the heroes and zeroes of the weekend. A public service announcement: it’s the international weekend coming up if you need to sleep in. Heroes Sergio Aguero: The Argentinean striker joins an exclusive club of four other players (Alan Shearer, Andy Cole, Jermain Defoe and Dimitar Berbatov) who have scored five goals in a single Premier League game. […]

The rhetoric problem

With 13 months to go before the 2016 election, silly season is in full throttle. Demagogues on both sides of the aisle command significant support despite offering few — if any — nuanced policy positions. Many have observed that some Republican candidates remain indistinguishable. The sad truth is that, with regard to foreign policy, this skeptical plurality […]

False checks

We are no longer in the 1780s. That is clear. Yet for some reason, a significant portion of American political rhetoric still functions as if we were. Portions of the American political spectrum retain the understanding of the United States as a federalist entity. A popular interpretation of the Second Amendment and argument against gun […]

Tufts Climate Action members discuss fossil fuel divestment with trustees

Three students from Tufts Climate Action (TCA) met with university administrators and trustees on Monday to discuss climate change and to push for the Tufts endowment fund to be divested from fossil fuel industries. The meeting follows a three-day TCA sit-in last April that demanded fossil fuel divestment, resulting in an April 24 agreement between students and […]