Seniors 2012, No Regrets!

As I embark on my senior year of college ­– witty, beautiful, wise, and potentially narcissistic ­– I am inclined to share some thoughts on my 16-year academic journey. Or really, to highlight one of the particularly crucial years. Enter 2010. I began my junior year of high school at a new school, a boarding […]

Word of the Day: druthers

Word of the Day: druthers noun plural Ÿ druth·ers Ÿ\ˈdrə-thərz\ def: the power or opportunity to choose My room was wet, cold and rather noisy this morning. At the Crafts House, I am surrounded by sprinklers and a cement path, so my night consisted of intermittent shifts of mist diffusing through the windows and students’ […]

Democrats risk more than ire of party activists over debates

Twenty-three million Americans tuned in to watch CNN’s Republican debate last week, perhaps drawn equally to its reality show spectacle as to the prospect of learning more about the fifteen candidates. Regardless, the national attention being paid to the Republican debates highlights the absence of Democratic debates so far in the presidential campaign. With just six debates planned for the entire primary […]