Pine and cycles

Pine. That is the scent that has been dominating my life recently. I never actually knew it was pine until Rebecca pointed it out. I always assumed it was grass, or just the smell of sun. I have a complicated relationship with pine. Maybe it has something to do with allergies, or maybe it has […]

Why the Democratic Party needs a Rand Paul

On Sunday, Hillary Clinton ended the suspense and declared that she will seek the Democratic nomination for president. The former Secretary of State’s announcement came just five days after Kentucky senator Rand Paul announced his candidacy for the Republican nomination. Paul is seen as a long shot for his party’s nomination. Paul is in line […]

Tufts drops three straight matches to NESCAC opponents

After starting the NESCAC with two wins at Colby and Bates, the No. 19 Tufts women’s tennis team has dropped its past three league matches against No. 3 Amherst, No. 33 Trinity and No. 17 Wesleyan. The team, despite its recent losing streak, maintains a 2-3 conference record and can still salvage the rest of the conference […]

Jumbos strive to prove top national ranking reflects ability on the water

The women’s crew team went into last weekend’s races with a new sense of confidence as it moved up in the national rankings from No. 11 to No. 3. Its weekend of racing, however, ended with mixed results. When the Jumbos first saw their new position in the rowing rankings, they were both excited and in disbelief. They were, however, also […]

Tufts Attitudes About Sexual Conduct Survey small step forward

Recently, the study body received an email from President Monaco’s office preparing us for a second email containing a survey regarding sexual misconduct. The survey, developed by the Tufts Task Force on Sexual Misconduct Prevention, began with the usual questions collecting demographic data like the respondees’ race, gender and sex, and then went on to ask things like […]

What’s up this weekend

Looking to make your weekend artsy? Check out these events! Major: Undecided’s 10th Anniversary Spectacular!: Major: Undecided is celebrating their 10th anniversary with a spectacular, alumni-filled extravaganza of comedy. The event calls viewers to “Help us celebrate 10 years of comedy as you enjoy our very own alumni groups King Quail and Men of the […]

Richard III: new man, new play

Few playwrights have had their works adapted so extremely, variously and frequently as William Shakespeare has. It is far less common, however, for the interpretation of one of his characters to deviate from the norm. Yet, with the discovery, exhumation and reinterment of the titular character of “Richard III” (first performed 1633) in September of 2012, […]

SWUGgertime sadness

Dear SWUG, How does a SWUG celebrate spring? I just feel so conflicted. It’s all over so soon, but it’s so nice and happy outside my window! From, Sprung for Spring Dear Sprung for Spring, Yes, unfortunately, we are approaching the countdown that makes this lovely springtime weather a little more bitter than it is […]

Young Fathers spark conversation with complex, narrative lyrics

The band Young Fathers challenges the restraints of genre definition. On its latest album, “White Men Are Black Men Too,” released April 6, the Edinburgh-based trio switches from blues to funk to soul to R&B to hip-hop to trip-hop to rap to rock so quickly that the multidimensionality should be dizzying. The combination is, in fact, […]

Game of Thrones leak puts fans in awkward position

This past weekend, “Game of Thrones” (2011 – present) enthusiasts were thrown a curveball: The first four episodes of the fifth season of the wildly popular HBO show were leaked online. Fans were subsequently forced to answer the question — to watch or not to watch the leaked episodes? The moral answer is clear: The leak was illegal, […]